In the final week of auditions, Idol heads to Salt Lake City, Utah, hoping to find that new star. Will the talent and editing keep impressing or will the auditions finally start dreading? ... This ... is American Idol!

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Salt Lake City

Austin Wolfe - 16 - The guys love her "show business" name. Harry wants a name like that but Austin already thinks he has an awesome name. Her "Radioactive" cover is full of flavour and her tone and phrasing are outstanding. She'll be one to watch. She reminded Harry to Haley Williams. 3 yeses.

Kylee Adamson (18), Keith Sanders (26) and Michael Simeon (19) - Kylee's a lumberjack. "I swing an axe" she says. Solid vocals and pretty tone. Harry found it intimidating that she uses an axe for a living. She gets 3 yeses, to her surprise. Keith has such a great soulful voice, awesome sound. So does Michael, who could fit right in an indie label. 3 yeses for the guys.

Tessa Norman - 19 - Harry thinks her smile is ridiculous. Big voiced girl, typical diva. Sassy little thing as well. 3 yeses.

Alex Preston - 20 - He considers himself as one of the most obnoxious guitar players in the world since he can't stop playing. Music is everything to him, he loves writing songs, even if they suck. He decided to take a year off of college to pursue music. He plays a bluesy original song, which  sounds really interesting. His phrasing is so great. Harry wonders how he knew how to play some advanced harmonies. Alex was in a jazz band, so he learnt how to read music. He gets 3 enthusiastic yeses.

Samantha Calmes - 25 - She's waring a fanny pack. She thinks she wears it well. She's carrying "just the necessities of life", a make up brush, a little notebook, which is her book of notes, and an oval red thingy. She sings an original song, "From Birth", which has that Kate Nash sing-talk style, which is pretty good. The judges ask for a cover and she picks The Jefferson's theme song. Cool girl, I like her.  Harry thinks she's got some interesting things to offer, though he wasn't such a big fan of her voice. Keith applauds her originality. Fanny pack girl gets 3 yeses.

Julie Awful - She's from Dallas, Texas but is at school in Oxford, where the Idol bus was. The bus toured around the country, searching for the best talent. Now all of them have been brought to SLC to audition. Julie sings an Adele cover, "To Make You Feel My Love" and is it actually awful? Not at all! JLo gives her a yes. Keith thought she lacked confidence and says no. Harry thinks she deserves another shot and sends her to Hollywood.

LeBryant Crew (24) and Laurel Wright (18) - LeBryant is a minister. He wants to be the first preacher to win Idol to give hope to all of the other preachers. Soulful guy, your average lounge singer. Laurel is singing her own song because she feels she only has one shot to show them what she can do. Her tone is sweet and the song sounds quite beautiful. Both get yeses.

DJ Bradley - 20 - The judges think he looks like Ed Sheeran. Not seeing that. While his tone has promise, his performance is super inconsistent. He sounds great in parts, then he chokes a little, sings off pitch, messes up with the guitar. He needs a lot of work. JLo thinks he has a lot of personality in his voice. Keith has mixed feelings, cause he liked his voice but thought he seemed disinterested. JLo still thinks there's a blossom coming for DJ. He gets 3 yeses either way.

Kenzie Hall - 16 - Music is what she wants to do with her life. She's super nervous, pretending to be ok. Her song choice is interesting, "I'm Going to Find Another You" by John Mayer, you don't see many 16 y/o pick this type of songs. Her voice is big but not in a diva way and her melodic choices are very impressive. I'm optimistic about her. Harry was impressed by her playing the diminished chord. Kenzie gets 3 yeses.

Paisley Van Patten - 25 - She lived in Nashville for about 7 years. She got her first record deal when she was 15. Everything was going great for her until she made a mistake. Within a year, everything was gone. She developed an alcohol addiction which took over her life. She came back home to SLC and got some help. She's been sober for two and a half years. She views Idol as a second chance. She was recently engaged but he was not supportive of her Idol dream because of everything they'd gone through. He said "you do this and we are done". "I've to do this" she says. Her voice's got a lovely, smokey tone and just the right amount of power. Keith loves her voice and how subdued she sang it. She gets 3 yeses.

Jocelyn Baker (18) and  Blake Branscom (16) - Jocelyn sings what has to be an original, about being in high school, which is quite cute. Blake enjoys fishing and playing music. He fishes for bluegill and women. He catches more bluegill. He winks at JLo while performing a country song. Both teens get yeses.

CJ Harris - 22 - He's from Jasper, Alabama. He plays music for a living, something he has been doing ever since he was a little boy. When he was younger he had some problems with his parents. His father passed away a year ago after a heart attack, something that came out of nowhere. CJ saw himself through him. His sound is really interesting. He's not the soulful singer you'd expect but a country performer. His voice may not be perfect but his raspy tone is pleasant and he performs with effortless passion. Harry thought his vibe was very pleasant. 3 yeses.

Tiquila Wilson - 24 - Ryan wonders how she got a name like that. "I'd nothing to do with that, my mom named me like that" she says. Her loud personality is infectious. She sings in her church and for funerals, since she works at a funeral home. Harry jokes that 90 percent of his concerts are for the dead as well. She's got the big voice you'd expect from her and it's impressive. She oversings just a little towards the end but overall, very solid. 3 yeses.

Emily Rottler - 17 - She's been dreaming to be on Idol since she knew what this show was. Her mustard tights are ridiculous. She's wearing them cause it matches her skirt. She's got a great, sweet sound, which captivates the judges. JLo thinks it's a natural thing for her to sing and play guitar. She gets 3 yeses.

Dexter Roberts - 22 - He's a farmer who also trains dogs to hunt ducks. He picks Casey James' "I Like To Drive" and suddenly loses his thick accent to showcase a strong country sound with bluegrass influences. He's actually a lot better than most country acts that audition for Idol. Harry sees Dexter as the kind of guy who sings to get through the day. 3 yeses for the farmer!

Briston Maroney - 15 - Music in his family is his number 1 priority. His great great grandfather was a recording artist in Nashville. The guitar he plays was his and has been passed down through each generation of his family. When asked his name, he doesn't know. His "You Can't Always Get What You Want" cover is truly unique and I wonder how much better he could've been if he wasn't so nervous. Harry is worried that he's gonna lose his voice yet, he still gets 3 yeses.

Sabrina Lentini (15) and Leia "Fish" Lotulelei (19) - Sabrina does a slightly too sultry cover of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" while Fish delivers a sweet cover of "The A Team". Harry says no to Sabrina, cause he felt it wasn't strong enough but Keith and JLo save her. Fish is put through with 3 yeses.

Johnny Newcomb - 16 - Not sure about the song choice but his raspy tone is surprising. Harry felt he was emulating his heroes. Johnny asks for another song and does an equally good job with Adele's "If It Hadn't Been For Love". JLo says yes. Harry sticks to what he said and says no. Keith caves and gives him a yes.

Carmen Delgina - 24 - Her dad is Wonder Mike from the Sugar Hill Gang. Having a rock legend as her father has always inspired her to follow her dream to be a professional singer. Carmen's singing isn't bad but it's not interesting enough. She needs to give it more passion. Harry didn't feel her vocals were strong enough to get her to the end. JLo felt it was inconsistent. Either way, she gets 3 yeses. Probably cause the judges wanted to meet her dad.

Kassandra Castaneda - 16 - Before she starts singing she gives JLo her uncle's number. "Please call or text to say hi" the letter says. JLo says she's flattered. A pretty tone with a simple phrasing. Harry didn't feel she was ready. JLo disagrees and thinks Harry is crazy. Kassandra gets 2 yeses, Harry saying no.

Kenneth "Woody" Gaddie - 28 - Gospel singer, Ruben Studdard sounding. JLo was moved even though it wasn't perfect. He gets 3 yeses.

Casey Thrasher - 22 - We've seen him so many times throughout the episode that I already feel I know him. He's a dad of two whose staying at his uncle's house at the moment. He wants to provide for his kids, regardless of how he does it. I just hope he's not as whiny as Jeff Gutt was. He chose his song because of an experience he had with Keith. He met him at the CMA awards in Nashville and he promised Keith he'll do his best to see him again. While he doesn't have a distinctive nor interesting tone, Casey sings with feeling and real emotion. Keith felt his hunger. He gets 3 yeses.

30 Golden Tickets are awarded from SLC.

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