The auditions come to an end in tonight's Omaha episode. SLC proved there's still talent out there but will the audition rounds end on a high note ?... This ... is American Idol!

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Quaid Edwards - 21 - He's gonna try to impress the judges with his personality and his good voice. His mom was a country singer, who performed alongside Keith in a band called Jolie & the Wanted. He feels like he's rekindling her dream. Quaid is a weak singer, he had some few nice moments but, as JLo noted, is very inconsistent. They all end up caving, I guess because of the connection to Keith. 3 yeses.

Madisen Walker - 15 - She's a Carrie wannabe, not necessarily a bad thing but she should've shown a little more originality. She's not a bad singer and at 15, she certainly has potential. Keith calls it a perfect karaoke version of Carrie's song. She gets 2 yeses, Harry would've said no because he felt the heartbreak of being sent home in Hollywood will be bigger than the joy of going through today. The other two say that it'll be good for her.

Alyssa Siebken - 20 - She's here to prove that you can be from a smaller town and make big dreams come true. She sings an acoustic version of "No Hands", which is indeed pretty good. Her voice sounded really nice there. Harry doesn't think her voice is strong enough, so he says no. JLo and Keith instead, give her yeses.

Tyler Gurwicz - 25 - I really disliked this audition. His phrasing was awful, as if he kept trying to dramatize his performance, and his tone unremarkable, almost unpleasant. Keith thinks he looks angry when he sings and that made it hard to watch, so he gives him a no. JLo says yes. Harry says no, then asks for another song to see if Tyler can show him a different side. Kinda better this time but still don't like him. "That may have been my first slip in judgment" Harry says after giving him a yes.

Tyler Marshall - 23 - Great gospel sounding guy. Harry cuts him when the performance was getting exciting. "You seem like a happy guy" he says. 3 yeses.

CJ Jones - 20 - He's gonna sing "Stand By Me". "I've to stay here" quips Harry. "No, get over here" CJ answers. Soulful tone, very pleasant, though not overly impressive. He gets 3 yeses.

Dajontae Lenear (16) and Dylan Becker (17) - Dajontae's got a massive crush on JLo. He impresses the judges with his soulful voice while Dylan does so with his acoustic cover. Both get 3 yeses.


Paula Hunt - 20 - She sings for the US Air Force Heartland American Band, which plays for the troops overseas and at home. She loves her job but wants to bring her voice to a bigger stage. Such a classy performance. Her tone's got a lovely gospel sound, and it made her Etta James' rendition both elegant and effortless. The judges are impressed. Her mom is her biggest influence, she used to be a singer and had multiple record deals lined up until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and it took her voice from her. "I get to finish what she started" she says. 3 yeses.

Andrina Brogden - 18 - She's from North Dakota. She grew up in the country. She wants put ND on the map. Andrina's tone is rather nice but her performance was kinda boring. She didn't took many chances and escaped the bigger notes. She should have picked a smaller song. Harry thinks she's just a way better than average singer but not strong enough for Idol. She gets 2 yeses, Harry saying no.

Casey McQuillen - 21 - Gorgeous, sweet, clear tone. Her control and restraint impresses the judges, who give her 3 yeses. "She's got all the right things to blossom" Keith says.

Tessa Kate - 25 - She plays and performs in Branson, Missouri and also sells tickets for scenic cruises. She sounds a lot like Dolly Parton, which I kinda love. Her guitar magically changes in the middle of the performance, then her old guitar is back. I don't care much, her tone is unique and her style is interesting. JLo thought she almost went into chipmunk territory and asks her not to take it the bad way. "How would you not take that in the wrong way" Keith says. She gets 3 yeses.

21 Golden Tickets are awarded from Omaha. That means 212 contestants are going to Hollywood!

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