And just like that, Hollywood Week is upon us! To be honest, the auditions flew by, I didn't love recapping them but I didn't suffer it as I did in the past. Tonight, the contestants will perform for the judges in Hollywood's Dolby Theater but not all of them. First, some will have to sing for their lives! .... This ... is American Idol!

Recap and videos after the jump ...

Day 1

We've seen so many talent, that I barely remember their names. So forgive me if I don't spot every single contestant.

The 212 contestants arrive at LAX but instead of heading to the hotel, they are on their way to a hangar. "It's either Hollywood or right back home" Ryan informs us. The judges have reviews all the auditions and now, some will have to sing for survival, never even making it off the airport grounds. 

Johnny NewcombHe's the young guy Harry fought sounded fake. He sings "Pumped Up Kicks" and from what I remember, he was better during his audition. I like how he sounds though but Harry has a point, that may not be his actual voice.

Connor ZwetschHarry didn't feel her vocals were strong enough during her audition. She sounds rather pretty here. They all seem convinced by her.

Ali Jane Henderson - JLo felt she was sleepy, as if something was missing. Super slow take on "Toxic". I like it, girl's got an awesome tone.

Caitlin Johnson - Harry didn't think she was ready. And he was right. Her performance tonight is bad, she sounds off pitch and kinda shouty. "I don't know what we saw in her" Harry says. She cries backstage, obviously knowing how bad it went.

Adam Roth - The "sound healer" jerk. He sounds awful. The piano playing is pure crap and his voice is equally as bad. The guys are not impressed. "How hard is it to learn does (chord) changes?" Harry asks Keith. "The piano playing was so excruciating" he says. JLo tries defending him, she's such a crappy judge. "He blow us away" she says. "No he didn't" Harry corrects her.

Tristen Langley - Nikki McKibbin's son. Harry told him the audition wouldn't have worked without his mom there. He sounds very shrill and nasal. Not good.

Morgan Deplitch - Harry wanted her to sing something a 16 y/o would sing. So she picks Sara Bareille's "Brave", which is completely out of tune. The poor girl starts crying as soon as she's done singing. "That was extraordinarily weak" Harry says.

Stephanie Petronelli - Patriot's cheerleader. Harry wasn't feeling her audition and I bet he wasn't feeling this one either. I like the tone of her voice but she could have given it a little more energy.

Rich Lafleur - He's so nervous. Terrible performance. "You can't just waltz up there and start phoning it in" Keith says. Keith tells the contestants to commit when they are asked to sing or else they'll be going home. Poor Rich. Haha.

Eric Wood - Passionate, folky take on "She Talks to Angels". I don't get why he's singing again. His first audition was rather great if you ask me.

Alyssa Siebken - She auditioned with a rap song turned into a pop tune. Now she goes directly to a pop song, Demi Lovato's "Warrior" and it seems to have payed off since the rendition is surprisingly strong.

Neco Starr - Defintely the best performance so far. He gives the judges a sexy cover of Bruno Mars' "Gorilla", making JLo grin from ear to ear.

Khristian D'avis - She's the girl with the disappearing Italian accent. Her singing was weak during the auditions and it's not impressive now either. So flat, plus her vibrato was all over the place.

And that's it! The 160 contestants who didn't perform are safe and off to Hollywood. The 52 contestants that had to sing are left waiting while the judges make their decision. They are split into two groups. One of them will go to the hotel, the other, straight to the airport and back home.

Group 1: Johnny Newcomb, Caitlin Johnson, Rich Lafleur, Khristian D'avis, Tristen Langley

Group 2: Connor Zwetsch, Eric Wood, Neco Starr, Morgan Deplitch, MK Nobilette, Ali Jane Henderson, Adam Roth, Alyssa Siebken

Group 1 is heading home. Group 2 is off to Hollywood! Only 20 acts make it.

Day 2

This is the typical Hollywood challenge. The contestants come up in groups of 10, they can either sing acapella or with an instrument. After each line performs, the judges will make the cuts.

Majesty York is up first. She's the next American Idol because she has a passion to represent everything that is good and great in this world. She wants to leave a good mark and she needs a good platform to do that. She performs a gorgeous take on "1234", blowing the judges away with her lovely voice. She's a keeper.

Also in the line, fanny pack girl Samantha Calmes, who gives a sweet, relaxing performance; John Fox, with his raspy tone and country stunner Brandy Neelly

Majesty, John and Brandy are in. Unfortunately, Samantha is sent home. Bummer, she was amazing, plus her performance tonight sounded kinda great.

Spencer Lloyd is next. He may be just a cute face but this performance wasn't half bad. Not the strongest singer but a passionate performer. He's in.

Austin Wolfe wants to perform in front of people that actually want to see her more than anything. She performs Adele's "Take it All" and she sounds nothing like I remember her. She's got such a beautiful tone! Also impressing the judges, Bria Anai and her crazy lipstick, whose voice kept getting bigger and bigger. Last in line, Selena Moreno, who auditioned with her twin sister who was sent home. Some bum notes, then her voice cracks and then it's so bad she just has to stop. That doesn't bode well. 

Austin and Bria make it to the next round. Selena is sent home. Also sent home: Fish and Lauren Ogburn.

Sam Woolfe is up next. He's definitely my fave male contestant. I love the way he arranges his songs. This performance was specially great, I got a little pissed at the judges for cutting him short.

Keri Lynn Roche follows, with that gorgeous darkish tone of her and teen Ayla Stackhouse with a pretty good "Cold Shoulder" cover. Lastly is CJ Harris with a wonderful, gritty take on "Trouble". He's growing on me. JLo gives him a standing ovation.

Ayla is sent home. The rest are in.

Next line begins with Alex Preston. He's concerned because his style is not like the other contestant's and he think it could affect his chances. He sings a Britney Spears's tune, "Scream and Shout" and it's totally phenomenal. I love this guy's guitar playing. He's damn talented.

Next up is Sydney Arterbridge, the young teen who sang "Lovin' You" during her audition. Tonight, she's not particularly impressing, kinda boring if I'm being honest. Also in the line, Jesse Roach, who impresses with her wonderful tone, and Bryan Watt, the boring guy the judges said looked like Superman. Nice performance but I don't see any star power. 

Alex and Jesse are in. Sydney, Bryan and Jade Lathan are going home. Damn, we didn't even saw Jade screwing up. I need some closure! The girl was terrific.

Twitter vote. Will Madelyn Patterson make it through? She sounds good and her voice is totally controlled, so the result is kinda obvious. She's through.

Kenzie Hall performs "Can't Hold Us", which is a lot better than what it sounds. Her vocals are outstanding and the way she raps through it is rather impressive. Quaid Edwards hopes to do the same but unfortunately, the guy just doesn't seem to be motivated enough. Kenzi is in. Quaid is sent home.

Up next is Ben Briley, who is only here because his wife told him too. He sings "Stars" and in truth, I didn't recognize the song until he got to the chorus. That doesn't mean it was bad, cause the arrangement was great, making it sound like a country track. Briston Maroney was told by his that he was really cool. So he sings "Royals" and it's amazing but with him, I guess it's either love or hate. Finally, farmer Dexter Roberts shocks the judges with an incredibly bluesy performance. That was unexpected to say the least. All three guys make it through.

Rachel Rolleri follows with a sweet cover of "Angel in Montgomery" and is joined by Keith who sings harmonies mid-performance. Two fathers are in her line, Maurice Townsend and Casey Thrasher, who wow the judges with their strong vocals. The three of them make it, joined by George Lovett, Tiquila Wilson, Emily Piriz and Malcom Allen.

Munfarid Zaidi is next to take the stage. He's the guy Harry cradled during the auditions. "After a men holds you in his arm, I should think names and faces are requirements when you see each other" he says. His "Proud Mary" cover is kinda odd but good, though he seems to be trying to get some laughs. I didn't remember Ethan Thompson had such a lovely tone. I could listen to that voice all day. Austin Precario follows, you know, the guy who wanted to come to Hollywood without his stage mom. Great tone, though I don't think that sound was totally natural. All make it through.

Next line includes returnee rocker Caleb Johnson, Stephanie Hanvey and nurse Kristen O'Connor, the one that sounded best during this clip. Such a pure, clear sound. They are all in.

Emmanuel Zidor believes he's the next Idol because he does this way better than he does his regular job, which is a ramp agent in Atlanta. Crazy performance, I'm not sure whether he was serious ore that was a joke. He makes it.

Briana Oakley sings "Mama Do" and while her voice is controlled, she does sound a bit generic. Jesse Cline also does his thing, impressing the judges and advancing to the next round along Briana.

Next is Keith London, who sings "If I Were a Boy". The judges talk over it, JLo isn't impressed and thinks it's bizarre. Harry thinks he's just trying to be cute. I don't get why they are so bothered, it's just a song, they should focus on his singing, which wasn't that good. They ask for another song since they were really distracted. Keith says he had a good reason for singing that song, since he thinks it's a message for anyone not to judge anybody else cause nobody knows where you started from. He sings "Same Love" next, not really a fan of what he does with it, but he obviously wanted to send a message. He still makes it. 

Final line of the day! First is Malaya Watson, whose raw talent impresses the judges once more. Jena Asciutto, who sing and emotional cover of "Video Games", which makes Keith wanna download the original.

Finally, is Savion Wright with an original song, "Breathing Underwater". He dedicates the song to his brother, who died two and a half weeks before Hollywood. Another beautiful original from him. This is one talented chap. They all make it through.

104 contestants remain. Next challenge, Group Round!

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