It's the last blind auditions show of the series, with most of the teams almost full, there are just a handful of spaces left in the competition for tonight's competitors. So who will Bressie, Kian, Dolores and Jamelia fill the final spots on their teams with?

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Laura O'Connor - 2/4 - 'Hold On We're Going Home' by Drake - Joins Team Kian
Laura is taking on a Drake song but putting her own spin on it. She has quite an interesting voice actually, it has a very distinct tone. I really think she has the potential to go far in the competition, the vocal wasn't perfect but it was definitely good enough. I usually hate people switching an upbeat song or relatively upbeat song into a ballad slowie but this really worked actually. She has a very bluesy tone and I think her performance style is quite cutesy, she could do very well. Bressie and Kian both turn, they reckon she doesn't have enough self-belief and say that song choice will be vital but with Kian pointing out that Bressie has been criticized in the past for his song choices, it's the Westlife member who snaps Laura up.

Peter McGrory - No Turn - 'Black' by Pearl Jam  
Peter has had a tough couple of years having recently beat testicular cancer. He is taking on a tough song, Pearl Jam are great but he sounds pretty good himself. He does sound perhaps a little bit too similar to the original, there's nothing very unique or special about his performance but it's not a bad performance. Unfortunately, nobody turns around for him, he definitely had potential but it seems the coaches are being increasingly picky tonight with it being their last night to fill their teams.

Peter Whitford - 4/4 - 'Viva Forever' by The Spice Girls  - Joins Team Dolores
Peter is from England originally but he's living over here now. It's a brave song choice, taking on a Spice Girls song is sure to divide the coaches but he appears to have arranged the song himself. He has a very unique tone, that's for sure, it's one of those marmite voices that people will either love or hate. I'm not quite sure that I love it but there's no denying that he has something, I just find his control a bit lacking sadly. I'm not a fan of this song though so the coaches might convert me with good song choices for Peter. Everyone turns and Kian says he is the best act to audition so far, I'm not sure that I agree, I personally feel that there have been way better auditions but he's definitely talented. Peter picks Dolores.

Joanne Prendergast - No Turn - 'What Now' by Rihanna 
Joanne says that her father who has brought her up has been like a mother and father rolled into one. Joanne is really nervous as this is her first time performing on a stage like this but she does a decent job to begin with, the mellow start to the song suits her soft vocals and she really does it justice. However, when it begins to emerge into her higher register, she lets the nerves take over and begins to falter. It's not bad at all but she lets her nerves take hold of the performance and the vocals are therefore a little shakier. The coaches advise Joanne to get more experience of performing and to try again next year.

Craig McMorrow - 2/4 - 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran - Joins Team Kian
Craig is taking on an Ed Sheeran song and not doing a bad job of it at all. He has a decent voice and although the song can be tough enough to sign, he holds his own. If I'm being picky, I found the actual performance a little bit lacking in atmosphere, it was just a good vocal, there wasn't really anything unique about his tone or the way he sang the style and it just came across as a solid cover of the song rather than something extraordinary. However, that said, it wasn't a bad performance at all overall and I'm not totally surprised when Kian and Jamelia turn. Jamelia puts up a strong fight but it's Kian who gets Craig on his team.

Stephen Rixon - No Turn - 'Bring Me Back To Life' by Evanescence
Stephen describes the artist that he is most similar to as Katherine Jenkins. Interesting. He even entered a 'Stars In Your Eyes' competition as Katherine Jenkins, he says that the coaches will be surprised by his voice. Well I'm certainly surprised but not exactly in a good way. Maybe the song choice was wrong but it does sound a bit like a joke audition, he doesn't seem to be taking it seriously, the vocals are very off, his voice isn't strong enough to actually deliver a solid opera vocal and it just sounds sort of like an operatic parody. The coaches are shocked when they turn around and see a guy standing as they were convinced it was a girl. Stephen is told to take it seriously and really try to train his voice.

Saira Loughlin - No Turn - 'Touch Me' by Rui De Silva feat. Cassandra
Saira has a really interesting tone of voice actually. There's a nice raspiness to her voice which reminds me a bit of Becky Hill from The Voice UK who has since went on to collaborate with artists like Rudimental. I really like her interpretation of the song and think she has a wicked voice so I'm very disappointed that nobody turns for her. However, the coaches do seem positive about her even though nobody felt strong enough to put her on their teams. If she had auditioned earlier, I think she would probably have made it through. Hard luck, hopefully she'll audition again next year.

Leah McConnell - 2/4 - 'Summertime Sadness' by Lana Del Rey - Joins Team Jamelia
Belfast based aspiring musician Leah is taking on a Lana Del Rey hit in order to woo the coaches. She has a nice tone, it's distinctive and quirky without being a direct copy of Lana Del Rey's voice. I think she has a very strong voice and could go far. It looks like nobody is going to turn for her but then at the very last second, Jamelia and Kian (who already has the minimum ten acts required) both turn around for her. Jamelia tries to persuade Leah to pick her by pointing out that Kian will have to have a three-way battle if she joins his team so she might run a greater risk of being eliminated. That seems to decide it for her as she joins Team Jamelia, meaning that Jamelia, Dolores and Kian all have full teams.

Lisa Geraghty - No Turn - 'Clarity' by Zedd feat. Foxes 
Things are getting even tougher now that Bressie is the only coach who still has one act to find to make up his minimum 10 for the battles. However, with the other three still able to turn, perhaps Lisa will be in luck? Her voice is good, she definitely has very strong control of the song and she easily hits all the notes but I think it sounds too easy. She has a strong voice with quite a good range so picking a dance song probably wasn't the smartest move as it seems just too easy, she doesn't really wow with the performance. None of the coaches turn.

Paddy Reilly - 1/4 - 'Ring Of Fire' by Johnny Cash - Joins Team Bressie
Paddy is hoping that his arrangement of this Johnny Cash classic will impress the coaches. He does a fantastic job, I really like the arrangement of the song and I'm usually not a fan of taking a classic song and spinning it around at all. Paddy has a really nice tone and the song is just perfect for his voice. He has a much more interesting tone than some of the standard acoustic guitarist type artists who have made it through so far. I definitely can see him going far with the right mentoring even if Bressie mentioning Pat Byrne does make me fear that he'll try and turn him into Pat Byrne rather than try and be original. Good job from Paddy.

Anna O'Hanlon - 2/4 - 'Cry Me A River' by Justin Timberlake - Joins Team Dolores
All of the coaches have full teams now but Anna O'Hanlon is hoping to be able to convince one of them to make room for one more. Her acoustic arrangement of 'Cry Me A River' might not be the most original song choice in the world, I've heard it before but her voice makes it stand out. She has an absolutely superb voice, her tone has a bluesy quality to it yet there's also something very quirky and light about it, the fact that I can't put my finger on what it is that makes her voice so special says it all really. They have saved one of the best to last, this is a really superb performance. Jamelia and Dolores both turn, Jamelia had previously said she wouldn't take any more than ten artists but she enjoyed the performance that much that she had to turn. Dolores has been very popular with the acts this series and unsurprisingly, Anna decides to choose her, making her the eleventh and final act in Team Dolores.

Team Kevin:

Kellie Lewis
Caoin Fitz
Jay Boland
Kelly Hannon
Kedar Friis-Lawrence
Michelle Revins
Ciara Donnelly
Sarah Sylvia
Laura May-Lenehan
Anna O'Hanlon

Honourable Mentions:

John Hogan Jr.
Remy Naidoo
Christopher Stoodley
Nella Dwyer

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