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The first liveshow shocked us with the elimination of three contestants, all of them female. Léa, Adélaïde and Charlotte left the competition after the first two got cut by the judges and the latest got the axe when facing the public's decision. Just 7 remain now and by the end of the night, one more will be leaving. An interesting fact, someone dared to cover PSY's "Gangnam Style". But was it a worthy risk or did it lead to the contestant's elimination?

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Julie Solia Annie

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La Rockeuse de Diamants (Catherine Lara) - 6/10 - What a cheesy song choice. Julie put energy into it though, and while she played with the audience and the orchestra, she didn't seem in her element tonight, plus she didn't seem to be having fun with this song either.

Sinclair : "I love your energy but you were off-beat, it was cartoonish."
Maurane : "I loved it and I loved your energy."
Olivier : "I appreciated the fact that you didn't exaggerate the energy."
André : "You sang it as a warrior practicing judo, I loved your show."

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Timothée Rossignol

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No Surprises (Radiohead) - 3,5/10 - This is a big song, maybe too big for him. It was boring and there were no shades. Honestly, it was very flat. His voice sounded ok but he didn't use it as an advantage.

Sinclair : "It was boring, I was waiting for it to end."
Maurane : "It was smooth, there were wrong notes and you didn't look comfortable."
Olivier : "It was like there was a race between you and the orchestra."
André : "You were below. It seemed as if you were singing around a camp fire. I didn't have any goosebumps."

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Flo (Florian) Devos

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Gangnam Style (Psy) - 8/10 - The arrangement of the song is so original. Flo sang it really well and he had fun with it. He also looked extremely comfortable on stage, maybe for the first time.

Sinclair : "I liked the reinterpretation of the song. I'm impressed."
Maurane : She congratulated him.
Olivier : "I loved the good faith that you undertook, there wasn't any fluff."
André : "You reminded me of Julien Doré because he also rearranged songs. [ugh, really?] You gave emotion to this crazy tune."

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Paul Kay

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Foule Sentimentale (Alain Souchon) - 2/10 - I don't understand the judges. It was really karaoke (apart from the ending), and not the good type. When he sings in French, he has a strange accent, like if he has a hair on his tongue. It's really unpleasant. And on top of all, we've heard this song so many times already...

Sinclair : "I like it, you're discovering yourself but you don't needed this surge at the end."
Maurane : "I liked the simplicity but I'm not sure about the final surge."
Olivier : "I didn't like the end but I liked your authenticity."
André : "I liked your broken voice and your humility."

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Sophie-Tith Charvet

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Nightcall (Kavinsky) - 9/10 - I loved the arrangement of the song, a mix of the original version and Natalie McCool's cover. Sophe-Tith sang it greatly, it was intense and she looked comfortable. Now, I'm waiting for her to take a real risk.

Sinclair : "You understood everything about the music."
Maurane : "I'm sure you'll become a singer."
Olivier : "This blue is obvious."
André : "I'm flying. My words are useless. You have the power of giving emotion."

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Florian Bertonnier

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Holidays (Michel Polnareff) - 6/10 - I don't really know what to think about this performance. Florian sang it really well and arranged the song appropriately but it's like he was hiding behind his piano. I didn't feel the connexion. It was like he was confined in his own universe but he didn't let us come in.

Sinclair : "French songs really suit you."
Maurane : "I can't fight against your sincerity. I loved your mystery."
Olivier : "I loved your emotion."
André : "It was impeccable. You have an incredible diverse palette. I hope you'll go far in this competition."

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Philippe Krier

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Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)- 6,5/10 - I love this song. Philippe is a real showman, his stage presence is incredible. BUT, I'm afraid that people only judge this because vocally, it wasn't as good. It was even a little karaoke, weak karaoke.

Sinclair : "I almost put a red but I loved how you looked after yourself at the end."
Maurane : "You did well auditioning for the casting of Nouvelle Star."
Olivier : "I absolutely want to see you on stage, in a concert."
André : "You made me travel to West America."

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