We witnessed another year of auditions and with them, a few new favourites emerged. Siblings Emil and Olivia, quirky Chresten, little Anna, handsome Rasmus. However, not everyone will survive bootcamp and by the end of the episode, we'll be left with 8 acts per category. Who'll be the standout tonight?  ... It's time to face the music!

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X Factor-dommerne 2013

Day 1

Jasmin, Hind, Emil og Olivia - The siblings are all performing first. Jasmin's already boring audition goes down crashing when she forgets the lyrics. There's something interesting about her though. Hind does slightly better, though she somehow seemed to be singing lower and lower as the song went on. Emil's performance doesn't show the magic his audition had but that may be due to the short amount of it shown, I still like him a lot. Olivia was the shining star of this group, captivating with the one line she was shown singing. 

Team RAP - Just plain awful. There was nothing entertaining about their performance, it was painful to watch indeed. The one guy completely blacked out and the other two members did nothing to help, they didn't even sang. Surprisingly, they looked happier than expected when they leave the room. What's wrong with these people?

A quick montage. We see Sara (hitting a big note while Blachman looks in awe), Ida (sounding great), Nicki and Micky, who's sporting a newly shaved head. Or did he always looked like that? He raps, nothing remarkable plus he also forgets the lyrics. Oh well, guess we won't have any rappers this years (secretly cheering!). As soon as he leaves the room, a worried Nicki returns, begging the judges for another shot. They give it to him and it's indeed quite nice. I'm not sure Blachman liked that though.

A bunch of contestants are eliminated as Day 1 comes to a close, including audition's stand-out Rasmus and sweet grandpa Bent Rudolf. Shockingly, the judges give Team RAP another chance, not deserved if you ask me.

Day 2

Jonas - He sings a danish tune. It's good but he doesn't strike me as a star yet. His performance wasn't shocking enough, he needs to wow everyone next time he performs.

Sara - She's picked yet another unusual song, "Dream a Little Dream of Me". Very pretty but not as great as her audition. She was a bit teary but her voice wasn't showing as much connection with the lyrics as her face was.

Hind og Jasmin - The girls are singing as a group together and being honest, it's a lot better. None of them is quite ready for stardom but maybe with a little coaching they can turn into something good. Their second go at "Can't Take My Eyes off of You" was quite impressive.

Amanda - She's really bonded with Sarah (who actually looks like her little sister). Amanda's picked one of the most unique songs I've ever heard on this type of shows, Blue Foundation's "Eyes on Fire". By far my favourite performance of the season. She's got such a rich unique voice, the amount of emotion she managed to translate in those few sentences was outstanding. She's exactly the type of act Blachman (and I) loves, hopefully we'll be seeing her again.

Team RAP - Another below average rendition from them. When will the judges send this three wannabes home? Blachman already wants to, it seems it's just Ida who wants to keep them.

Zaina - Her performance was quite similar to her audition and because of that it felt like more of the same. It was really good though, she's got a really sweet tone and if she's able to show more variety, I can see her going far.

Day 3

Day 3 mostly consisted of short clips of contestants singing in front of the entire category and it's mentor and since it was too short to actually say anything about it, I'll just skip the entire day. I assure you, you didn't miss a thing.


Under 24s - Blachman

From left to right: Amanda, Sarah, Emil, Zaina, Hazal, Karoline, Mikkel and Sara  
Eliminated: Lusanda and Olivia

Groups - Anne

From left to right: Team RAP, Tanne og Terese, Christinna og Martin, Jasmin og Hind, Mette og Henrik and Sofia og Nanna
Eliminated: Michel og Emilie and two more groups

Over 24s - Ida

From left to right: Flemming, Henrik, Chresten, Jonas, Stephanie, Dariana, Stine and Karina
Eliminated: Camilla and another guy
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