The show has already ended and a winner has already been crowned. However, I'll be showing you the best of the blind auditions in this post. I only chose those who I liked the most (and whom I could find the words for). Next week I'll show you the best of the Battles, so don't miss out!

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Dina Garipova (Дина Гарипова) - 21 old from Tatarstan - "А напоследок я скажу" - Whitney Houston is her idol but her parents idolize Gradsky so she really wants him to choose her. She also wants to touch our souls with her voice. She is, in fact. I like how her voice sounds, calm but strong and emotional. Pelageya didn't push the button because she thought Dina was older (but it was all about the voice, not the age, wasn't it?). Gradsky felt like he was already coaching her, so didn't have any doubts about pushing the button (why didn't he push it sooner then?). 

Valeriya Ahatova (Валерия Ахатова) - 26 years old from Nadym - "Domino" - Valeriya sings since she was a child. She's originally from a small town but now she's trying to make it in Moscow. I though the best cover of Jessie J's hit belonged to The Collective. Well, now we have a new winner. Her voice is so strong and rusty, plus that final note was just perfect. I like the stripped down arrangement a lot too, it doesn't overpower her and let her voice play with the melody. The only reason Gradsky didn't push the button was that he couldn't guess if she could sing a ballad. But Dima didn't have any doubts at all since the first seconds were enough for him to want her. So he' got her now.

Sophia Avazashvili (София Авазашвили) - 23 years old from Cheboksary -"Domino" - Apart from music she's fond of psychology, esoteric and dancing. And we have another winner with a "Domino" cover. I had no idea it was such a popular audition song now but I don't mind it (yet). If I'm honest, I like her version a little less than the previous one, but that's doesn't mean it's not a great audition. Agutin pushed the button at the very end.

Sevara Nazarkhan (Севара Назархан) - 35 from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) - "Je T`aime" - Sevara is a full-time singer. She's sang with many popular artists already and now she's competing in The Voice. I had goosebumps, do I have to add something? Pelageya was that excited because she knows her name already. Everyone does apparently, so what's the point of competing? (I like the fact we get the chance to know her though). Pelageya was fighting hard for her but lost to Agutin. My personal opinion, she doesn't need a coach at all, a producer maybe, but not a coach. 

Artem Demishev (Артём Демишев) - 27 years old form Kishinev - "Feeling Good" - Artem is a conservatory student and wants to be the brightest and most talented artist ever. Does he have talent to back up his self-confidence though? And the answer is yes, gladly. His voice is so rich and unreal and he controls it perfectly. No wonder everyone wants him. One of the best cover of "Felling good" ever. Even the host gets very excited (and annoying) Artem chooses Dima Bylan which is kinda weird since Dima is a pop singer (and not even nearly that talented, sorry) but strange choices sometimes are the best.

Idelya Muhametzyanova (Иделия Мухаметзянова) - 21 years old from Ulyanovsk - "Let it be" - She wants to change the world but thinks that she has to start with herself first. She's a big fan of Agutin and hopes he'll chose her. Her speaking voice is unique and promises her singing voice would be wonderful. Her tone is very interesting, childish and deep in the same time. Plus she accompanies herself on the piano and the whole performance feels like the final song at a concert (imagine people waving lights, it fits perfectly). She has everyone to chose from. Pelageya wanted to push the button again and again. But she chooses Agutin, of course. - VIDEO

Angelica Frolov and Victoria Kuzmina (Анжелика Фролова и Виктория Кузьмина) -  from Surgut and Moscow - "Simply the best" - They aren't sisters but they've been singing together for three years now. They've got tons of energy! They remind me of XF UK's Two Shoes (only better). It is the only duo of the season, so everyone wants them. They act pragmatic wanting every coach to explain why they should choose him. Pelageya thinks the duo should choose her because of her hairstyle which is similar to theirs. But they chose Bylan to be their coach.

Zlat Habibulin (Злат Хабибулин) - 26 years old from Ufa - "I feel good" - He sings, plays drums, guitar, piano and violin. What an impressive list of quality! He also seems a very open positive person. He is so natural on stage like he is a star already. I think the coaches think so too because they turn their chairs almost immediately. He's got four choices and goes with Agutin. - VIDEO

Anastasia Spiridonova (Анастасия Спиридонова) - 27 years old  - "Simply the best" - She wants to prove there are a lot of great singers in Russia (isn't that what I'm doing with this recap?). She tells us she's very emotional (and it's good for an artist). This is a case when I wish I didn't see her for the first time but hear. She does not look like she sings at all. Dima asks what did she do with them, how did she make him all crazy about her? Everyone but Pelageya wants her and she goes for Agutin.  - VIDEO
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