I've already reported that Cutfahter, Pernille and host Lise Rønne have all stepped down from the series, being Thomas Blachman the only member returning. Joining our resident mean judge are newcomers Anne Linnet and Ida Corr, both successful Danish singers. (Anne's son, Xander, was a judge on The Voice of Denmark's S2). Signe Molde is replacing Lise. Will this new trio step up to the challenge? Will Signe impress as host? And most importantly, who'll be Ida's successor? ... It's time to face the music!

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X Factor-dommerne 2013

Week 1

Rasmus (27) - Good looking guy sporting a guitar. If this was Idol, he'd be a contender. They are making him look like a fashion obsessed person, he's not helping either, doing some posing before taking the stage. He's a pretty good singer, reminds me to a country version of Daniel Powter. I just wish Ida and Anne had let him sing a little longer cause his audition was shaping to be a very good one. He's one to watch.

Karoline (15) - While she still sounds like the kid she is from time to time, her subtle take on Rihanna's "We Found Love" was one of the highlights of the auditions. She's got a beautiful tone and I was highly impressed by the songs arrangement which was totally different from the original, and much better. When Blachman moves his head it's always a good sign, I guess it's fair to say we'll be seeing her again.

Team RAP (Groups) - I think I'm past the novelty of rap acts. Sure, Malcom Brandin (XF Sweden) and LYRIC 145 (XF US) were fun to watch but with time it got boring. The problem is that this is a very repetitive style and in honesty, they aren't really singing. Not the best rappers I've seen but I don't think rapping was the point with them. Their audition was somehow entertaining, the crazy dancing member and the unintelligible member provided something unique. Despite their fun audition, I think they are just a novelty act, and won't be getting past bootcamp.

Sara (15) - Shades of Ida everywhere. She's playing the guitar while singing "I Need a Hero", all very similar to last year winner's "Lost". It's all very pretty, she's got a gorgeous tone, slightly raspy when she finishes a verse. She's as raw as Ida was at the beginning and while she could be molded into a winner, it's quite unlikely that the public will crown two similar artists. Her audition was great but it wasn't as captivating as Ida's was. She could still take it all though, after all, American Idol has crowned 5 WGWGs in a row.

First montage of the season! Amanda delivers a haunting Emeli Sande's "Read All About It" rendition. Guilia tackles "Put Your Records On", making everyone wish for more of her audition. Julie takes on jazzy "At Last" with Blachman attempting a fake out with her. Returning contestant, Rosa, from last year's JH, also picks Etta as her poison, taking on "All I Could Do Is Cry". Ending the montage is sweet shy Sarah, who amazes with "The A Team". She looks huggable. Haha.

Mikkel - I was expecting a rapper and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Mikkel was more of a soulman. His pronunciation is not great nor is his singing but his sufficiently charming to advance this round. The judges make him sing once more acapella, much better. However, in the long haul, I think he'll crash. He doesn't seem ready for this. Blachman gave him a standing ovation, followed by the entire audience. Am I missing something?

Week 2

Nicki (21) - Great soulful voice. It seems he's singing to Ida the entire time. Seeing his whole family and friends backstage singing along was kinda funny. He was off at times, so Blachman makes him sing acapella, and it's not better. His limitations show a lot more. They all end up saying yes though. He's got potential at least.

Zaina (15) - She shows a lot of promise and while I wasn't fully convinced by her the first time around, when I rewatched her audition I was completely mesmerized by her. I've already compared Sara to Ida but I think Zaina is a much more suitable comparison. Her audition had the same kind of magic Ida's had. I'm not sure if the song she was singing was an original (cause I've certainly hadn't heard it before) but if it was, it was gorgeous. Ida even gave her a  well deserved standing ovation.

Miran - Apparently he arrived 4 hours late to the auditions. That's commitment people! He's a rapper, which is totally predictable. I'm more than done with rappers for a while. So I think I'll completely ignore this guy. His rap was more than brief, Blachman stopped him I think. He raps once more without music. He's no Malcom, no Lyric, no Adam, but Ida liked him, so I guess he can't be that bad.

Michel og Emilie (Groups) - They are siblings. She's got a quite high pitched voice, nice still, reminds me to Bo Bruce's to a certain point. His voice is very pleasant too, I really like his tone. Their voices blended very well together, judging from those short moments we saw them.

We get an Overs montage. Henrik is first, singing a danish song while playing guitar, all reminding me a little to Rasmus. Camilla is also playing guitar, impressing with her folky voice. And Marius impresses with a sweet "I'm Yours" cover. Dariana shocks with an unique take on "What A Wonderful World". Christina sings almost acapella, showing her great tone and Stephanie  shows a huge range, getting a standing ovation from the audience. Jackie delivers a quite energetic audition ala Altiyan Childs, could this be Denmark's own version?

Jasmin (20) and Hind (15) - They are sisters. Jasmin's audition is predictable but there's a certain sweetness to her tone. I just wish she had picked a better song, something different at least. When Hind enters the stage she can't find the judges, which is funny considering they are right in front of her. Her voice is weaker than Jasmin's but a little more contemporary. Her nerves showed a lot though and she was pitchy many times. Still nice though.

Week 3

Mickey - Another rapper. Being honest, he's probably the best I've seen so far. He's using Roxette's "Listen to Your Heart" as a riff, which makes for some nice background music. I don't really know what to say about his rapping but he seemed like a fun person. I'm done with rappers though.

Chresten - Wow! That was a terrific unexpected audition. He's like an aged Morten Benjamin with the shy personality and the stage stiffness. He gave one of the best auditions though, singing Mumford & Sons's "The Cave", a really clever pick. He just needs a little stage presence and he'll be ready.

Anna - She's from Malaysia. She instantly shocks everyone, Blachman's surprised face is priceless. Her audition is very restrained and not oversang, she's got a good control of her voice and a great contemporary sound. I'm not sure how she'll fare as a soloist though, she'll need a lot of coaching but there's a lot of promise.

Charlie (19) - Not really sure about him. He's a good singer but I somehow find his tone a little annoying, maybe it was the song. Blachman makes him sing again and no, it's his voice. He's got an unpleasant goaty vibrato. I enjoyed his second performance a little more. I don't see him as a contender though.

Bent Rudolf (80) - Sweet grandpa auditions for the XF. Nothing special but the judges put him through either way. Making an old man happy won't hurt anyone. He also wasn't that bad.

Jonas - His look reminds me to Thomas's. His voice is much deeper though and I found him a bit boring. Blachman made him sing again as he usually does these days and it was a huge improvement. His second song reminded me to Jace Everett's "Bad Things" and if he can continue doing performances like this, he could go far.

Ida - Weird song choice yet interesting enough. I'd like to hear her again after this, with a better song if possible. Her voice is quite enchanting and she created a fantastic atmosphere. Can she survive bootcamp? I hope so.

Olivia and Emil - They are siblings. Olivia goes first, singing a sweet cover of "We Found Love". Her voice's got a beautiful texture and she's got a incredible tone. The judges love her, I would've been surprised if they hadn't cause she's been one of the highlights. Emil goes next, singing "Save the World". Admittedly, this has been my favourite audition this season. His tone is just outstanding. I've been replaying his audition for a while, trying to find the right words for it but I fear I can't fully describe it. You'll just have to watch and feel the magic. I think we've found a winner here.

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