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Nouvelle Star, the French version of Idol, has been dead for almost 3 years, with the quirky, over the top Luce Brunet being it's last winner. Fortunately for fans of the show (including myself) D8 is bringing it back from the ashes for a 9th season, a move no one saw coming. André Manoukian returns as judge, with Olivier Bas, Maurane and Sinclair joining the panel. The liveshows have already began and thankfully, Flavien will be reviewing it for us, also translating the judges comments. So let's get started, shall we?

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The contestants sang in two groups. First, it was Timothée, Sophie-Tith, Paul, Léa and Flo and then, it was the rest. One contestant from each group was eliminated by the judges (the person with the more number of red votes was eliminated)

Timothée Rossignol

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Coupes et Blessures (BB Brunes) - 6,5/10 - The song isn't really appropriate for his voice. At the beginning, he looked uncomfortable, it was a little bit karaoke and his dancing was a little awkward. But as the performance progressed, he finally made the chorus his own, he wasn't singing like BB Brunes and it started to become interesting. I hope he picks a more interesting song the next week because he really has a good voice.

Sinclair : "I'm not really sure that pop music is your style. I sometimes felt your energy was a little too "Voodoo". It's sometimes a little ridiculous."
Maurane : "It was pleasant to watch and to listen. You have a beautiful voice and you are a great singer. I adore you, bravo." 
Olivier : "You worked the stage, you played with the musicians. You love that and you're a rock band all by yourself, I liked it."
André : "It's a dandy song for frat guys. You're here with your freshness, your smile. Sometimes, it's a little bit awkward, it reminds me when I dance. You brought this song a different perspective, with your poetry." (OMG, it's sooo hard to translate Andre's sentences. In France, he is famous for his "erotico-philosophical" sentences, he's funny)

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Sophie-Tith Charvet

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Allumer le Feu (Johnny Hallyday) - 8/10 - This is one of the most famous songs in France and Johnny Hallyday is one of the biggest singers. It's also a rock song, so I'm wondering what Sophie-Tuth will do with it. She decided to sing it in Brigittes's version, a slowed down arrangement of the song, and that was a risk worth taking. Her voice sounds very sensual, she gave this song a great intensity and I almost forgot the original. The only problem I had with this performance is that the lyrics of the song doesn't really work with a slow version. But Sophie-Tith did a good job and I'm always amazed by the maturity of her voice, considering she's a sixteen y/o girl.

Sinclair : "You carry the audience with you but be careful to not oversing some notes."
Maurane : "I love your maturity, it even afraids me. You have an old soul."
Olivier : "I loved the risk-taking."
André : "I could never imagine that I'll be sweating the bigote on a Johnny Hallyday's song. I love your old soul."

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Paul Kay

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Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars) - 5,5/10 - I don't really like Paul but I have to admit that he did a quite good job. This song is a monster, extremely hard to sing. Paul's voice and Bruno Mars's are completely different so it's a little bit risky for him. During the performance, it looked like he was fighting against himself and like he was reaching his limit. His vocal was quite decent, his attitude too. But he really has to work on his English.

Sinclair : "You found your energy. There were many wrong notes, you overgrown your voice but this song is very hard to sing and you did it."
Maurane : "I disagree with Sinclair. You didn't lose anything, there was a lot of intensity, congratulations."
Olivier : "I have mixed feelings. Your English was really bad."
André : "I love your accent, your mimicries don't disturb me but be careful with your intensity."

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Léa Layne

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Babooshka (Kate Bush) - 6,5/10 - This song belongs to Léa's universe but the problem is that it's really hard to arrange this song for this type of show. I'm note sure she succeeded with it but it was a good performance, her style is really interesting and I saw that during the theater round when she sang "Roxanne" by The Police. Her vocals sounded good, she looked possessed during her performance.

Sinclair : "You sang it well but in the middle, you lost the thread."
Maurane : "You were convincing but I was disturbed by your look, it was wandering"
Olivier : "I liked it, I like your restraint."
André : "This song fits you like a glove but the glove is too big for you. You were too focused on the imitation."

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Florian Devos

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Le Blues de Businessman (Starmania) - 7,5/10 - This is yet another huge French song. Flo's a pop/rocker and this song is both a little cheesy and hard to sing. I think he did a really well with it, his vocals were strong and it was quite emotional. However, I think he has to work on his stage presence.

Sinclair : "I always hated this song but you smashed it."
Maurane : "I can't even hear this song. But because of you, I'll maybe listen to it again."
Olivier : He didn't really talked but he looked like he enjoyed it.
André : "It was a little karaoke but it was good."

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Julie Solia Annie

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Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes) - 9/10 - I really love this girl. Her stage presence is incredible, she connected with the audience and on top of all, her vocals are really strong. This song is one of the most heard in TV shows but she succeeded to make it her own. I think she could sing whatever she wants.

Sinclair : "I loved your energy."
Maurane : "It was "Aretha Franklinesque", I love the show girl you are."
Olivier : "I felt like I was at a concert."
André : "I love the personnality you brought to the song."

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Florian Bertonnier

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Video Games (Lana Del Rey) - 9/10 - Florian has a particular style and this song suits him pretty well. He sang the Young Professional's version, a good version, in my opinion. His vocals were really good, he has an unique voice and a particular stage presence. As one of the judges said before, when he sings, it's like he is inviting us to visit his own universe. I think he'll go far.

Sinclair : "I don't know what to say but bravo!"
Maurane : "I love the strong identity that emanates from you."
Olivier : "I loved it."
André : "I love your class and how you arranged the song."

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Adélaïde Pratoussy

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Besoin de Personne (Véronique Sanson) - 3/10 - This song is quite hard to arrange and Adélaïde didn't get it right. It was karaoke, there weren't any shades, it was boring and she looked really anxious. She had a hard week. On Internet, people said that she didn't deserve her place and that she had stolen Charles-Henry's and chiefly Myriame's place. So, she had a lot to prove and she didn't succeed.

Sinclair : "You were below but this song is unsingable."
Maurane : "You were below the others, it wasn't just, it wasn't personal."
Olivier : "It was skimpy. I don't know if it's a casting problem or not."
André : "It lacked swing and groove."

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Philippe Krier

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Le Poinçonneur des Lilas (Serge Gainsbourg) - 8,5/10 - He really made this song his own with a rock arrangement. I have to say that the orchestra is really really good, that's one of the strong points of Nouvelle Star. Phillippe had a really good stage presence and a strong vocal. Now, I'm waiting for him to surprise me.

Sinclair : "I loved your presence at the expense of your voice."
Maurane : "You were great."
Olivier : "It was good."
André : "I liked your soul and the dimension you brought to the song."

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Charlotte Morgane Berry

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Skyfall (Adele) - 3/10 - Before the liveshows started, she was one of the favourites. The real problem is this song choice. Why? Charlotte has a really beautiful voice but not strong enough for this song. It was like a fight against herself, her gestures were too much and the vocal wasn't good enough. I'm really disappointed.

Sinclair : "It's a risky song. The strenght isn't your asset but I liked it."
Maurane : "You were vulnerable and limited."
Olivier : "What I was expecting didn't happened."
André : "You were limited. You were late on some notes."

(Well, nobody understood why she got four blues. The judges certainly wanted to see Adélaïde eliminated and not her).

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Léa (judges vote)
Adélaïde (judges vote)
Charlotte (public vote)

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