My favourite stage of the competition has finally arrived, judges houses! The remaining 24 acts will be transported to fancy Danish manors in which they'll sing for a place in the liveshows. The judges will whittle them down to 5 first, then picking 3 final acts to take threw to the next stage of the competition. Will your fave make it?  ... It's time to face the music!

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X Factor-dommerne 2013

Day 1

Over 24s

The contestants will be performing in a recording studio, which is interesting to say the least.

Stephanie - She sings Joss Stone's "Fell In Love With A Boy" and now that's she's done this, I totally see why she picked it. She sounds a lot like Joss with that gorgeous soulful tone. She's got a huge voice, just what Ida needs in her team.
Flemming -  We haven't seen him before, as most of the category. He sings "Used to Love U" by John Legend and it's not bad at all, makes me wonder why we haven't seen him before cause his tone is terrific.
Karina - I'm not sure she picked the right song to showcase her voice. "Dance With Somebody" is completely dated and she didn't bring something new to it. It was nice though but not mind blowing as it needed to be.
Stine - We see a bit of her audition and for the looks of it, it was terrific. I'm sure I would have been enchanted by her voice if she had been shown before. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good for her. She screwed her performance by forgetting the lyrics twice and not being able to finish. I think it's the end of the road for her.
Henrik - He sang a Danish song, which really sounded good but he's not connecting with me. Maybe it's because we've not seen much from him yet. The question is, will we see him again?
Dariana - We barely saw her singing a line of her "Master Blaster" cover but what we saw was so fantastic that I've high hopes for her. Hopefully Ida was as impressed as I was.
Chresten - He sounds more and more like The Tallest Man on Earth as the weeks go by. It's a great sound but since his audition, I haven't seen a real showstopper from him. He needs one, quick.
Jonas - Although his performance was pretty nice, I'm starting to get bored of him. He always sounds the same to me and that can't be good for him at this stage. It may also have to do with the fact we haven't seen a full cover from him yet.

Predictions: Stephanie, Dariana, Chresten, Jonas and Flemming

Under 24s

Blachman made his acts answer some kind of political/social questionnaire. The contestants faces are priceless. I bet they copy themselves as well. Haha.

Sarah - She sings Bernhoft's "Cmon Talk". Unexpected pick but nice singing as usual. Blachman starts covering his face then makes her stop and storms off. He makes her leave the room. What was that all about? After three contestants perform, Blachman goes and fetches Sarah again. She starts singing another song, which is really pretty. At least we got to see her twice.
Hazal - She's shown singing half a line. That's the definition of fodder if you ask me, poor girl.
Sara -  Her pick is "Wide Awake", which is completely out of her league. It's shouty and so wrong for her voice. Blachman looks unhappy.
Emil - He plays guitar while singing a sweet tune. For once Blachman looks happy but again, it was way too short.
Amanda - As soon as she enters, Blachman leaves, followed by his fellow mentor Vinnie Who, leaving Amanda all by herself in the room. What was the point of that? Blachman is acting weird today, I'm not sure if it's on purpose. Amanda continues to cement herself as my fave this year, that was a great performance. Blachman makes her cry though. After a while, Blachman makes her sing again, it's even better than what she did before though Thomas makes her stop once more.
Karoline - While she sounds nasal at parts, her jazzy voice is undeniable. Plus Blachman is the perfect judge to mold her into something great.
Zaina - Wrong song choice. "Girl On Fire" isn't a good song if I'm honest and Zaina didn't sound good on it either. I wanted to see the folky girl I saw during the auditions cause this was far from good.
Mikkel - He does some push ups before singing ... Ok then ... Blachman makes him sit to sing. It's not a very impressive song choice though I loved the way he sounded on it. But was that enough for Blachman?

Predictions: Sarah, Emil, Amanda, Karoline, Mikkel


With only 6 acts in her category, Anne has formed three new groups, Anna og Lusanda, Anders, Anton, Marius og Frederik and Louise, Nanna og Astrid. Anne makes for some uncomfortable time when she forces her acts to sing in front of the entire category.

Jasmin og Hind - They are greatly improved. Their pick, Bruno Mars's "It Will Rain", is a great pick for them. Their voices work really well together and their delivery is impressive. I'm not sure how the other groups sound, but this one could be a contender. 
Anna og Lusanda - Lusanda sounds terrific at first but then forgets the lyrics, possibly ruining their chances. She starts again, it sounds a lot better this time, though she looks terrified. Their voices are amazing together though, Anne would make a terrible mistake if she doesn't put this duo through. There's a lot of space for growth here.
Louise, Nanna og Astrid - Another fantastic decision by Anne. This three girls sound phenomenal, together and by themselves. One of them forgot some of the lyrics as Lusanda did but that didn't stop them from delivering an amazing performance. I want to see them again.
Christinna og Martin - Nice but way too short for me to comment on it. They could be the next Nicoline Simone & Jean Michele if correctly mentored though.
Tanne og Terese/ Sofia og Nanna - Both groups sing "It Will Rain". They sound good on it but not enough was shown to judge. From what we've seen before though, Tanne og Terese are quite great.
Mette og Henrik - Really cute but I just don't see them going far. Mette's voice was incredible though, her sound was so distinctive. However, his voice was a little forgettable.
Anders, Anton, Marius og Frederik - They sing a Danish song, Medina I think, which sounds pretty great, a lot better than many newly formed boybands sound. They could turn into something good, as long as they stay away from OneDirection.
Team RAP - How did they even make it this far? They are probably the worst rap trio I've ever seen. Anne better send them home cause they don't deserve another chance.

 Predictions: Jasmin og Hind, Anna og Lusanda, Louise, Nanna og Astrid, Anders, Anton, Marius og Frederik and Tanne og Terese



Over 24s: Flemming, Henrik and Karina
Groups: Jasmin og Hind, Team RAP, Tanne og Terese and Christinna og Martin
Under 24s: Sara, Hazal and Mikkel

Top 15:

Over 24s: Jonas, Dariana, Chresten, Stine and Stephanie
Groups: Sofia og Nanna, Anna og Lusanda, Louise, Nanna og Astrid, Anders, Anton, Marius og Frederik and Mette og Henrik
Under 24s: Karoline, Zaina, Sarah, Amanda and Emil

Day 2


Sofia og Nanna - We haven't really had the chance to judge them yet, so this is basically the first time we'll be seeing them. They sing Jessie J's "Who You Are" and they are a lot better than expected. Their voices are very sweet and they got great tones. The only problem is that they looked a little lost while singing. Still, it was quite gorgeous.
Mette og Henrik - Mette is much better than Henrik, who honestly ruins the performance a little. Their song choice isn't helping either. It makes them sound incredibly old fashioned and dull. This is the end of the road for them.
Anna og Lusanda - Lusanda forgot he lyrics during their last performance. Fortunately, she redeemed herself with this performance. Their voices sound so great together, I could listen to them all they nonstop. The cute factor and cool singing could take them far.
Lotus (Louise, Nanna og Astrid) - They sing En Vogue's "Don't Let Go" and while not as amazing as their first performance,  this girls can definitely sing. If given the right songs they could be a contender. I'm not sure Anne can do that yet, hopefully she'll surprise, after all, she already formed this great group.
Wasteland (Anders, Anton, Marius og Frederik) - Their pick is Ne-Yo's "So Sick", which is unexpected. They are off to a great start but when they sing together, I don't like the sound, their harmonies sound awful. There's that deeper voice that ruins it. Pretty impressive though.

 Predictions: Anna og Lusanda, Lotus and Wasteland

Over 24s

Stephanie - Her performance is rather different from what we've seen before. She sings a slow Danish ballad yet her voice is full of soul. Ida better hold on to this one, I can see her bringing something different every week and that's exactly what every contestant should have.
Dariana -Not the awesomeness we saw with her "Master Blaster" cover and unfortunately, for someone we barely saw, another showstopper was what she needed. While this sounded nice, I don't think it was enough.
Chresten - I'm afraid he's starting to bore me. I think his tone is fantastic but a great tone isn't enough. Morten Benjamin had a great tone yet he only made it to the Top 4. Chresten needs diversity and he's not bringing it.
Jonas - Unlike Chresten, Jonas brought something quite different from his previous performances. His cover of a Danish song was both entertaining and interesting. I didn't get him till now but I think he's done more than enough to make it to the next round.
Stine - Her past performance was a mess, yet, she managed to make it through. I'm glad she did cause this was a gorgeous cover. She connected so wonderfully with that song, it was hard not to love what she did.

Predictions: Stephanie, Jonas and Stine

Under 24s

Amanda - She picks Birdy's "People Help The People" and while I'm somewhat tired of this song, I guess I can't complain of Amanda's gorgeous cover. Her raw tone is outstanding. She got Blachman teary! That's a great honor. She's going through, no doubt of that.
Emil - He's yet another contestant with a fantastic tone. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much focus on him since his audition, which I loved. His performance was great but I'm not sure Blachman feels the same way as I do about him.
Zaina -Thankfully she's not doing a "Girl On Fire" kinda song again and as a result, the whole performance is a lot better. This is the Zaina I liked during the auditions and I'm glad she's going back to that. Perfect performance. If Thomas puts her through, he needs to make sure she goes down this path.
Karoline - I still find her voice very nasal and unprepared. However, I really like the sound of it. It's very interesting to say the least. I'm not sure if I'll get annoyed by it as time goes by but right now, I really like what she's about.
Sarah - She's only wearing socks. She had some kind of altercation with Thomas during her previous performance. It must be hard to sing again for him. She does a lovely cover of "Terrible Love". Her song picks are always intriguing and her performances are wonderfully arranged. Blachman doesn't seem to love her as much though. Blachman goes back and asks her something. I think he wants her to sing another song. She seems to refuse. But why would her? I'll have to ask her later ...

Predictions: Emil, Amanda and Zaina



Over 24s: Stine and Dariana
Groups: Mette og Henrik and Sofia og Nanna
Under 24s: Emil and Sarah

Top 9:

 photo Overs_zps9e27d0db.png

Over 24s: Jonas, Chresten and Stephanie

 photo Groups_zpsff8381d2.png

Groups: Anna og Lusanda, Lotus and Wasteland

 photo Unders_zps7e9ba3e6.png

Under 24s: Karoline, Zaina and Amanda

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