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The first twelve contestants performed last week and each mentor had to make a tough decision by choosing which of the contestants in the bottom two to send home. For Jamelia, Sophie Rischar was sent packing, Daryl Phillips lost his place on Team Kian, Dean Anthony lost out for Team Sharon and Velvin Lamont was the unlucky eliminee on Tea, Bressie. Tonight, the remaining three contestants on each team will perform and once again, one contestant from each team will go home, meaning that as of next week, four contestants will remain on each team.

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Team Jamelia

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Wayne Beatty

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'Locked Out Of Heaven' by Bruno Mars - 7.5/10 - Wayne was amazing during the battles when he and little brother Barry faced off on a male arrangement of Brandy and Monica's 'The Boy (Girl) Is Mine' and Jamelia is perfect for him because she is THE R&B expert on the show. This performance is good but by far his weakest so far to be perfectly honest, yes he has a great voice but this song choice was solid but a little obvious. I would have preferred a less safe song choice, maybe something by Ne-Yo or even Mr. Hudson's 'Supernova' which he would have smashed. The vocals were good, the performance was okay but pretty forgettable, it will be interested to see how Jennifer and Keith perform, at the minute it's touch and go whether Wayne will be safe after that though even if he is in the bottom two, I don't see Jamelia sending him home as she appears to be a really big fan of his. - VIDEO

Jennifer Moore

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'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus - 7.5/10 - Jennifer's problem isn't her voice at all, she has a very strong voice and she's a really good singer but I believe that she's not confident enough, her lack of confidence has been obvious thus far and as great as she performs this song, her lack of stage presence is a problem. She's singing this well and she controls her upper range extremely well but she sort of fades into the background, she's far from the most memorable performer in the competition and I think she'll struggle to top for her team tonight, I don't think she was any better or worse than Wayne but I think in a pick between her and Wayne, he is a better performer and has more star quality than Jennifer. - VIDEO

Keith Hanley

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'Beggin' by Madcon - 9/10 - I haven't been that big a fan of Keith in the competition, I mean he's good but I haven't loved him until tonight that is. Wow, talk about a transformation, he absolutely blew me away, his vocals are brilliant, bluesy yet raspy and his control of the audience is like that of someone who has been performing on stage for years. Just like Roisin last week, he easily overshadows his teammates, he is just so much more memorable and skillful as a performer. I know that this song has been sung 500 times before but Keith's cover is easily my favourite talent show rendition of it, his beautiful tone and his quirky vocals set him apart from every other male in the competition and I think this performance has put him firmly in the running. It's looking like a Jamelia and Bressie battle for the crown at the moment. - VIDEO

Team Kian

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Ray Scully

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'Trouble' by Ray LaMontagne - 7/10 - I loved Ray's blind audition where his husky voice masked a slightly tender, soulful tone to his voice. However, Kian gave him a bizarre battle song where he was forced to scream at the top of his lungs basically. Thankfully, his coach mentions realizing that he's more of a soul man than a rocker and he has given him an artist who suits him down to the ground, Ray La Montagne. I should adore this but I was just sort of pleased with the performance, it didn't wow me, maybe I was expecting too much but I found it quite forgettable, just a solid performance, nothing amazing and I found that his voice was fine but missing the husky quality that I loved so much in this performance. It's up to the other two setting the standards what way this will go but I expect that Ray will be okay even if he's in the bottom two as he a lot of potential. - VIDEO

Kelly Mongan

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'A Moment Like This' by Kelly Clarkson - 8.5/10 - I love Kelly's personality, she's so endearing, I like that she has shown a totally different side to the stereotype presented to us when we hear the word 'traveller'. Kelly is almost eight months pregnant meaning that she could literally have the baby whilst she is performing on stage, let's hope it doesn't happen tonight as it might interrupt the 'moment'. Thankfully, no signs of a baby but she sings quite well! Her tone is really rich and she sounds brilliant during the verses, when she sings the 'A moment like this' part in her falsetto however, she doesn't sing close enough to the microphone and it's quite hard to actually make out what she is singing. However, it's not really Kelly's fault as surely if she wasn't singing closely enough to the microphone in rehearsals, Kian would have picked up on it? Unless there was a slight technical problem? Anyway, she manages to sing the big note really well and her rich tone throughout the verses impresses me. - VIDEO

Karl Sheridan

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'Summertime' by George Gershwin - 6.5/10 - Karl is a really good singer, I like his quirky tone and I thought that he was quite good during his battle with Niamh but that said, this is a really dull and forgettable performance, I don't know what it is about this arrangement of the song but I just feel like falling asleep. I love the original but the track doesn't really work for Karl. The judges seem to be in adoration of him but I found the performance forgettable, his vocals slightly pitchy and was just totally underwhelmed overall, it was an extremely average performance overall. I reckon Kelly has this one in the bag, she's the most likeable of the three, her vocals were the strongest, she was the most memorable performer and I just think tonight she was generally superior to the others. - VIDEO

Team Sharon

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John Gaughan

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'Too Close' by Alex Clare - 8/10 - John has been one of the favourites in the competition so far due to his strong vocals. It's undeniable that he has a very strong voice but the only thing that I would argue is that he's not exactly particularly unique. Despite my reservations, John sounds really good tonight! He's such a strong singer, that even though his tone is quite generic, he sounds really good on this performance, his tone has a husky quality to it which really impresses me. I love how he performs the song and Sharon seems to have chosen the perfect song choice for him, I have a feeling that he may well top tonight, unless one of the other two steal his thunder. - VIDEO

Tammy Browne

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'Unfaithful' by Rihanna - 7/10 - Tammy may be vocally very good but she leaves me cold, her performances are too polished or something, they just sort of bore me. I didn't love her blind audition or her battle, they were both technically good but didn't particularly bowl me over and I'm in the same boat with this performance tone. Yes she sings the song really well but she just sings the song, she doesn't connect with the lyrics particularly well, she doesn't do anything different with the performance which is a problem as whereas some of the others, such as Shannon always try and change the song up slightly, Tammy just sings it as it is and doesn't really stand out. There's nothing wrong with singing the song as it is but when it feels like she's just fading into the background rather than standing out, it's a bit more worrying. Tammy does a good job but unless she gets huge public backing, she could well be in trouble. We'll see how Stephen goes. - VIDEO

Stephen Hudson

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'She's So High' by Tal Bachman - 7/10 - I won't lie, this song choice didn't register with me at all, I vaguely recalled the song but I wasn't familiar with the title nor the singer who performed it and I'm surprised Sharon picked something so left-field. Fair enough, I'm into my indie music but 90's alternative rock-pop isn't exactly my forté so I can't say I'm particularly blown away. Anyway, his voice is good but the whole performance is so middle of the road that I find my attention wavering after about 30 seconds, why did Sharon choose this song? It didn't even make the Top 10 in the UK charts so it's not like it's a one hit wonder that people might recall after hearing once, I genuinely don't think I actually have heard this song in my life before and the only reason I vaguely recognize it is that it sounds like half of the other average 90's rock-pop that I've heard. Overall, he sings it fine but it's just so forgettable. - VIDEO

Team Bressie

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Terri O'Reilly

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'Shining Light' by Ash - 7.5/10 - First of all, why has Terri been replaced on stage by Kate Bush? No seriously, whoever decided that it would look good to give her a massive curly hairdo needs to be fired instantly. This song choice is extremely strange, again, it's not exactly a very well known or recognized song so what possessed Bressie to pick it? Aside from that, this isn't a bad performance at all, in fact Terri is singing it rather well but it's still a really strange performance, Terri is a female with a powerful, soulful voice so why a song by Ash was equated to this I will never know. I worry that she won't get the votes, not because of her vocals because she managed to do quite a good job with a poor song but because Bressie has given her a strange choice. - VIDEO

Sinead O'Brien

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'Moon River' by Audrey Hepburn - 6/10 - What the heck was Bressie thinking with this song choice? For starters, it makes it seem like Bressie has been picking songs from the playlist of a dinner party ten years ago. Secondly, Sinead is a quirky girl who has sang indie-pop takes on songs so far so why Bressie got it so wrong, I will never know. Not only is it far too slow for her, and far too dull but she sounds rather out of her depth, maybe because she shouldn't be singing anything remotely like this. I don't blame Sinead for this song choice because she's an amazing artist but she was fighting a losing battle with this song choice, Bressie has got it so wrong tonight, I really hope that she gets a second chance and the viewers or failing that, Bressie saves her because she has shown winning potential so far, Bressie has a lot to answer for with this song choice. - VIDEO

Andrew Mann

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'Are You Gonna Go My Way' by Lenny Kravitz - 6.5/10 - What has happened to Bressie tonight? He got it so right with all three of his acts last week and tonight he has got it so wrong with all of them. This is just average karaoke song-choice wise, Andrew is far better than an average pub rock track but Bressie has made dreadful choices for all of his acts tonight and he has done them all a disservice with the songs. Andrew sounds okay, the performance is probably better than Terri's in terms of connecting with the audience but vocally is weaker. The problem is that none of the song choices for Team Bressie tonight have been totally right for the act, this didn't show off the slightly tender style of Andrew's voice that we saw in his first audition. - VIDEO


Team Jamelia:  No surprises for anyone when Keith Hanley is declared the vote topper for his team. Jamelia says that both of the other two can be proud but she chooses to save Wayne Beatty in favour of Jennifer Moore who is a fantastic singer but not exactly the most engaging performer.

Team Kian: I'm really pleased for Kelly Mongan who gets the most votes for her team, leaving Kian to decide between Karl and Ray. I know which one that I would prefer to see again but it's Ray Scully who is saved with Karl Sheridan heading home.

Team Sharon: Tammy Browne receives the most votes for her team, I'm quite shocked as I thought that she wasn't great but I suppose she obviously has a lot of support. Sharon decides to pick John Gaughan to go through to the next stage of the competition in favour of Stephen Hudson.

Team Bressie: As much as I didn't enjoy her performance, it's a relief to see Sinead O'Brien heading through to the next round as she was brilliant in the previous rounds and it was Bressie's fault that she wasn't great to be honest. The other act who is saved is Andrew Mann meaning that despite probably performing best for her team, Terri O'Reilly heads home, probably due to his poor song choice for her.  
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