Constant improvement isn't always rewarded, and that was the case for Anna og Lusanda, who were sent home after their best performance when facing Wasteland in the B2. This week's theme is Danish music, which always brings us some interesting choices. This year is no exception, with picks including Mads Langer, Broen's theme and Marie Frank. ... It's time to face the music!

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"Sweet Dogs" (Trolle//Siebenhaar) - 9/10 - He's sitting on a rocking chair and stays there for all the performance. That combined with the song's slow tempo created a fascinating soothing atmosphere. For the first time since the liveshows began, Chresten is back to singing a country driven tune and while it was a tad sleepy, he gets some props for trying something so different. The best part of the performance was the backing singer though, if anyone can provide her name I'd be really grateful, I wish to congratulate her personally for her awesomeness and urge her to audition for the next season.


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"Under the Water" (Marie Frank)- 9/10 - This is rather different from what she's done before. While similar to Madonna's "The Power of Good-Bye", this time Stephanie has gone for a more indie approach. I don't think I can't fault a single thing of what she's done tonight. Her voice was the perfect mix between soul, power and emotion plus her unknown song choice (at least to me) gave her enough space to show some originality. Btw, is it just me or she's always dressed in the same fashion? Those eyelashes were quite cool though.


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"Fact-Fiction" (Mads Langer) - 6/10 - From left tho right: Marius, Anders, Frederik and Anton - Admittedly, I'm obsessed with this song lately. I can't get it's beauty out of my head so forgive me if I'm a bit too soft on the boys. Marius started pretty weak and went on that way. Frederik kinda stepped up his game, I didn't want to puke when he opened his mouth at least. Anton is uninteresting, good singer but zero personality. Anders is the interesting one here, his pronunciation sounded weird but it was still interesting. The performance overall wasn't as beautiful as Mads' original but it was sweet enough to grant them a place in next week's semi-final, though I wish they went home tonight.


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"Hollow Talk" (Choir of Young Believers) - 10/10 - If you were hoping to see Amanda finally go uptempo this week you'll be left disappointed. However, if you happen to be a fan of her dramatic performances (as I am), you'll be more than pleased. Since first listening to this song on Broen I was enchanted by it. Amanda's gorgeous take left me even more in love with the young singer's tone. I don't believe she's ever sounded this amazing. There's no much left to be said, only that I wish her the best.


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"Superstar" (Christine Milton)  - 8/10 - Her initial head moves were quite awesome, she certainly has loads of swag, also in evidence by the uber hip pink outfit she was sporting. I'm not sure if I'm as excited by her song choice though. She definitely pulled it off with remarkable class but I don't think it was the right song for her, I really don't know why. She sounded great but I was somehow not feeling it.

  1. Amanda
  2. Chresten
  3. Stephanie
  4. Karoline
  5. Wasteland




Without the judges being able to save her, it was only a matter of time before Stephanie was eliminated. If there had been a B2, I'm confident Wasteland would've been there. I wonder if the judges would've send them home in that case. Stephanie has been a true chameleon during the competition and such a talent shouldn't go unnoticed. Let's wish someone is wise enough to give her a record deal.
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