Tee was finally shown the door last week after receiving the least amount of votes. Only 6 remain and this week, they'll be taking on Aussie hits! Who'll fail to deliver only weeks away from the final?

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Jason Heerah

"Like It Like That" - 7/10 – I feel it's safe to say this is as far Jason is making it. He's super talented but he never clicked with me throughout the competition. Well, I guess he did last week, but one believable performance in 8 live shows doesn't make a winner. This was one of his best but it was still great karaoke in my ears.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Bow River" - 7,5/10 – Being in the B2 two weeks in a row is taking it's toll on her. Ronan believes it could be her comeback moment tonight and guess what? The cocky judge is right. It's certainly not the best Caitlyn has done but it's different and confident and even if this performance doesn't get her the votes, her sad look when talking about being in the B2 will.

Reigan Derry

"Burn for You" - 9/10 - A gorgeous song for a gorgeous voice. It may be a little low key for this stage of the competition but I'm glad she's doing it. It's such a beautiful job, the complete opposite from what she's done in the past weeks. She's just sitting there, singing her heart out and I'm loving it.

Marlisa Punzalan

"Super Love" - 8/10 - What was she wearing? Dreadful look, a nod to Dami maybe? That aside, the vocal performance was pretty stellar, she certainly can sing this song as well as Dami. This tune was obviously meant to showcase her voice and we can all agree it succeeded.

Brothers 3

"Amnesia" - 1/10 - Oh boy. They are taking on the biggest Australian boy band at the moment and are also promising boy band moves. They are back to their cheesy ways, the vocals were ok I think but they did look uncomfortable. To be completely honest, I zoned out when they began singing.

Dean Ray

"Into My Arms"  - 8,5/10 - This is such a passionate delivery. Dean is fully immersed in the lyrics, you can actually feel what it means to him. I've to say I didn't love the song choice, it was performed flawlessly but I could've used something with a little more momentum. Vocally, it was perfection though.


  1. Reigan Derry
  2. Dean Ray
  3. Marlisa Punzalan
  4. Caitlyn Shadbolt
  5.  Jason Heerah
  6. Brothers3


Top 6
"I'm Ready"


Jason Heerah
Reigan Derry

Jason Heerah - "Never Tear Us Apart" - He has to know he's toast. They aren't keeping him over Reigan. There's no way that's gonna happen. He looks defeated, he should have just enjoyed it cause vocally it was good.

Reigan Derry - "Stay" - Beautiful performance, she doesn't even need to try cause they are saving her and even if they aren't, the public is. It's a shame, cause she doesn't deserve to be in the B2. Hopefully it'll scare her fan base and propel her to the final.

Ronan sends Jason home.
Nat sends Jason home.
Dannii sends Reigan home.
Redfoo sends Reigan home.

Eliminated (via deadlock):

Jason Heerah

While Jason gave us some good performances, he never brought anything to this competition in my eyes, so I'm not sad he's gone. He was basically a great karaoke singer as I've said many, many times. I'm pissed at Dannii for voting Reigan out, what the fuck was she thinking? Strategic bitch.

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