Over the years, the alternative scene has seen many new talents come and go. However, Marika Hackman’s innovative groundbreaking sounds will be remembered throughout the generations for it’s dark undertones and amazing lyrical content.

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Born in 1992, Marika attended school with Cara Delevigne where the two started a band, Marika first came to prominence when she featured as a model for Burberry and later made her first musical debut was with her 7-piece mini album ‘That Iron Taste’,receiving universal acclaim. Since then Hackman has released a string of EP’s, further experimenting on her sound and as such showing an evolution of sorts with ‘Sugar Blind’ showing a more electronic based sound and ‘Deaf Heat’ featuring songs of a darker nature. Working with producer Charlie Andrews (Alt-J), Hackman’s music let’s the listener see the world in a completely different perspective, making even the most mundane and ordinary of objects seem fascinating. With her light, soothing vocals, her music is the type you would listen to when taking a stroll at night whilst taking in the wondrous sights around her. Lyrically, Hackman channels something completely her own and often makes clear contrasts between both her whimsicality and dark lyrics – sometimes even combining the two meaning that a lot of fun can be had if you go into an in-depth analysis. Overall, Marika has marked her territory on the music scene and plans to stay there with her full-length debut to have 12 previously, unreleased songs. 

Notable Songs: Bath Is Black, Cinnamon, 81, I Follow Rivers

Marika’s debut album, "We Slept At Last" is due for release in February 2015.

You can watch the video for her acclaimed single, 'Bath Is Black' below:

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