Jason Heerah was eliminated last week after he shockingly found himself in the B2 along fan favourite Reigan Derry. For the first time this year, the contestants are singing two songs each, one killer track and one curve ball. Who'll step up to the challenge?

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Dean Ray

"Lonely Boy" (7,5/10)/"Crying" (10/10) - Two awesome picks for Dean. His reluctance to sing "Lonely Boy" made some sense since one could say that it's style is too similar to Dean's yet he pulled it off effortlessly, like the rock star he is. "Crying" was a much better pick though, hence why it was his curve ball, pushing Dean out of his comfort zone even though it felt as if he was a lot more comfortable doing this than when he's the rocker. To me, "Crying" was one of the best performances of the series and it alone should send Dean to the final. It was that perfect.

Marlisa Punzalan

"Titanium" (6/10)/"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (9/10) - Her first song had some issues, plus she was stiffer than I've ever seen her in the competition. It picked up yet I wasn't fully convinced by it, awesome staging and dancers aside. However, her second song made me forget about everything that wasn't clicking before. Her voice was outstanding, I dare to say even enchanting. The girl has never sounded better  and is definitely peaking at the right time.

Reigan Derry

"Creep" (7/10)/"Only Girl (In the World)" (7,5/10) - She was in the B2 last week, which shocked many viewers. I'm not sure what it was but "Creep"s arrangement wasn't exactly working since the beginning wasn't as good as it should've. Reigan sounded lovely and I enjoyed how her voice soared but it took me a while to appreciate it. The second song made little sense, it's definitely not the kind of performance I envision Reigan doing and while she can sing everything, it doesn't mean she should. That's not me saying it was a bad performance, it was very good, but I was expecting something different. This wasn't her night and it worries me.

Brothers 3

"The Sound of Silence" (6/10)/"Que Sera" (7/10) - I hate, hate, hate to say this but the boys actually had a good week. Their harmonies were spot on during their first performance, even if it was a bit bland as Foo noted, and I actually liked their second one, kinda liked it at least. They are cheesy as hell but unfortunately, they are safer than ever this time and it pains me to say they deserved it.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Before He Cheats" (6,5/10)/"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (8/10) – The fact she avoided the B2 last week was a major surprise. She's finally singing a country song and she couldn't be happier. Her voice was good but the problem is Caitlyn wasn't giving her performance that angry attitude needed to pull it off. Thankfully she had a second song, cause she owned the Carole King track. It was probably one of Caitlyn's most honest and believable performances and that's what was so special about it.


  1. Dean Ray
  2. Marlisa Punzalan
  3. Reigan Derry
  4. Caitlyn Shadbolt
  5. Brothers3


Top 5
"Am I Wrong"

Taylor Henderson
"Host Of Angels"


Caitlyn Shadbolt
Dean Ray

Caitlyn Shadbolt - "If I Die Young" - I doubt Caitlyn is surviving this. It's a shame that we are losing her but she should be proud of herself for making it this far. Who would've thought she was finishing 5th? Not me.

Dean Ray - "Hurt" - I can't believe Dean is in the B2. At least it gave us the chance to see another of his performance. This was everything that I could ask from him.

Ronan sends Dean home.
Redfoo sends Caitlyn home.
Nat sends Caitlyn home.
Dannii sends Caitlyn home.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

I applaud Caitlyn for exceeding everyone's expectations. She could have a successful career as a country singer, she's so charming I bet people would pay to see her perform.

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