Caitlyn Shadbolt exceeded everyone's expectations, coming out in 5th place. Only 4 remain, one per judge, and on this week semi-final they'll perform one powerful song and a passionate track and by the end of it, 3 will be making it to the final. Whose dream will be crushed?

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Brothers 3

"Best Song Ever" (1/10)/"Massachusetts" (3/10) - Just as Foo phrased it, giving Brothers 3 One Direction may be the Wrong Direction. The boys are cheesy to a fault and that aspect of their act was fully displayed on their first tune. On top of that, the vocals were a complete disaster and it didn't improve on their second song either. Even if the song was Brothers 3 in a nutshell as they put it, "Massachusetts" was not only boring but it was utterly forgettable and as the judges noted it lacked energy, which could put them in danger.

Marlisa Punzalan

"Girl On Fire" (5/10)/"Impossible" (7/10) - This particular Alicia Keys song wasn't the most clever idea Ronan had. To me, Marlisa sounded a little grating and while there's no denying the girl is talented, it lacked in comparison to what she did last week. "Impossible" was a much more inspired song even if I didn't love what Marlisa did with it. She hit a few incredible notes but by the end, you could already tell her voice was tired. It was too ambitious. She deserves a place in the finale over Brothers 3 though, without a doubt.

 Dean Ray

"The Power of Love" (8/10)/"Folsom Prison Blues/That's All Right Mama" (9/10) - Dean sounds his best on intimate songs like "The Power of Love", in which he can fully captivate the audience. He's using his falsetto again, which is my less favourite part of his voice, but other than that, he delivered a good first performance. Nothing to call home about though way above the average. However, his second song was way cooler, his vocals were awesome and his guitar playing was crazy, everything you could ask of a would-be finalist.

Reigan Derry

"Can't Remember To Forget You" (7,5/10)/"Only Love Can Hurt Like This" (8/10) - To me, Reigan's take on Shakira didn't feel totally authentic and while the vocals were great, it certainly could've been better, albeit with a different song. She certainly gave it her all, as she always does. The Paloma tune was way better, the fact that it was true to who Reigan is as an artist helped a lot. The high notes were stellar as was her delivery. I really hope what she did tonight has secured her a place in the final cause it's not going to be the same without her in it.


  1. Dean Ray
  2. Reigan Derry
  3. Marlisa Punzalan
  4. Brothers3



Reigan Derry
Marlisa Punzalan

Reigan Derry - "Hallelujah" - I'm scared. Will the judges save the amazing Reigan over Marlisa? I've my doubts. They better do cause this was Reigan at her best. Gorgeous passionate vocals, she sang for her life right there.

Marlisa Punzalan - "Help" - As Ronan said, Marlisa's voice is undeniable. She's a young singer, with a lot of time to develop and her sing off was nowhere near Reigan's level. It was a bad song choice. She deserved to be in the final but not over Reigan. Reigan belongs in the Top 3.

Dannii sends Reigan home.
Ronan sends Reigan home.
Redfoo sends Marlisa home.
Nat sends Marlisa home.

Eliminated (via deadlock):

Reigan Derry

This is bullshit. Reigan and Dean were meant to be in the Top 2. She consistently had the best performances in the competition and yet, the crap public voted for Brothers 3 over her. I'm not pissed at the judges, I always felt the audience should decide the Top 3 but this is wrong, this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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