In what still seems like an unbelievable night, fan favourite Reigan Derry was eliminated from the competition after a terrific sing-off against Marlisa. Now, only three remain, the mediocre Brothers 3, average performer Marlisa Punzalan and rock star Dean Ray. Only one of this is the right winner, Australia better not screw this up!

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 Top 3
"Lovers on the Sun"

Brothers 3

"Like a Drum" with Guy Sebastian (7/10)/"Safe and Sound" (6/10)/"The Lucky Ones" (5/10) -I think it's pointless at this stage for me to keep criticizing them. I obviously don't like them and think they don't deserve to be here, heck, they don't even belong in the Top 12 in the first place. But they've made the final and that's a huge achievement.. The audience seems to love them but just like Jason Owens, they'll eventually disappear. Dannii at the farm, catching a sheep, was the best thing ever. Haha. The same cannot be said about their performances. Their duet with Guy was good, because Guy basically SANG THE WHOLE THING. Their audition song is probably the best thing they've done so I was surprised by how they sounded tonight, it wasn't bad but I thought they were going to do better. Their winner's single, a country infused feel good song, is the definition of forgettable. I kinda enjoyed it while it lasted but it doesn't have the making of a hit. I seriously hope they finish third.

Marlisa Punzalan

"Yesterday" (10/10)/"Stand By You" (8,5/10)/"Never Be the Same" with Jessica Mauboy (7/10) - The problem with Marlisa is she needs a huge confidence boost. She's insecure and after all this shows, her personality has minimally changed. Her voice, however, is greatly improved, hence why she's a worthy finalist. Just take a listen to her three performances tonight. Her moment this season came with "Yesterday", the most emotional and believable her voice has ever sounded and she kept on giving with her phenomenal winner's single and a cool duet with Jessica Mauboy. Unfortunately, her best was her first song and her worst was her last. Could it be enough for her?

 Dean Ray

"Coming Back" (8/10)/"Dear Darlin" with Olly Murs (7,5/10)/"Bette Davis Eyes" (10/10) - He's been the most consistent act in the competition and considered the front runner, up until his shocking B2 appearance. Dean exudes charisma and has all the makings of a super star. Killer voice, a captivating presence and an unique style. After the awesome Reigan went home, I started backing Dean. I've loved what he's done since the very beginning, back to his first audition, which he wonderfully executed again tonight. I liked Dean's winner's single. I wished it was something more acoustic but that's just me. This is what I was expecting from him and while I need to listen to a studio version, it could very well be a hit for him. His duet was unexpected, to say the least. It was such a cool performance, Dean was miles better than Olly, it would've been a lot better had Olly not been there.

  1. Dean Ray
  2. Marlisa Punzalan
  3. Brothers3


Top 13
"Dark Horse"

Third Place:

Brothers 3

Thank God! When Marlisa was announced safe, I got really scared for Dean. Imagine a final between Brothers 3 and Marlisa? Please no. Now we'll get a wonderful cover album and one with a few cool songs.

Top 2
"Beneath You're Beautiful"


Dean Ray

Runner up:

Dean Ray



So Marlisa won. Apparently, a 0.01 percent difference separated them. As Luke said, absolutely unbelievable. She sorta deserved it, she peaked at the right time and delivered some great performances. But Dean was so great throughout this whole thing. It's a shame he didn't win. Well, it's a shame the fantastic Reigan didn't win. I mean, just listen to this:

Ok, whatever. Can Ronan quit now that he's won?

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