It's the fourth week of the blind auditions already and the teams are starting to fill up, Rachel's and Bressie's teams in particular are shaping up very nicely so there'll be more button pressing and more blind auditions tonight.

Recap and videos after the JUMP...

Chris Brady - 3/4 - 'Make You Feel By Love' by Bob Dylan - Joins Team Kian
Chris is here with his brother, mother and girlfriend, he's taking on this Bob Dylan classic as famously covered by Adele a few years ago. He has an interesting tone, it's definitely pretty listenable, there are certainly some pitching issues in the song but it's a solid audition which I certainly can think was good enough to get through. I'm not sure that he's as distinctive as some of the other indie-folk singers auditioning but a strong enough performanceto get him through the blind auditions.

Luke Dunleavy - No Turn - 'You And I' by One Direction 
Teenager Luke is clearly really nervous and his nerves show in his audition, I'm not sure that this was the right song choice for him as it doesn't really have any 'wow' moments to show off his voice and it wasn't a great audition if I'm being honest. There's definitely some potential there but I agreed with the boyband comparisons, he's still very young and his voice is quite raw, I don't think he has found his niche yet and once he can get something that makes him stand out from the crowd he'll be flying.

John O'Grady - 4/4 - 'Crosstown Traffic' by Jimi Hendrix - Joins Team Bressie
This is great, I was actually expecting John to do something really poppy for some reason so it's a pleasant surprise to hear him doing something as cool as this. He has a great voice, it's a little bit blues rock with a little hint of funk in it also. I love John's style, it's really individual and unique and he's definitely someone I can see going far in the competition. There's so many different artists I can imagine him taking on, the number one being the likes of The Black Keys. I'm really excited by John as an artist.

Khanyah Mabija - No Turn - 'Rock With You' by Michael Jackson
Another one who's affected by nerves, he has a good voice and there's definitely some talent evident but I just feel that his nerves affect him. The performance lacks consistency, he hits some notes on the money then misses some other notes completely. Khanyah unfortunately doesn't get through, he showed potential but it just wasn't a strong enough rendition of the track.

Nichola Lynch - 2/4 - 'Umbrella' by Rihanna ft Lil Mama - Joins Team Una
This is an interesting spin on the song, Nichola does the Lil Mama rap during the song, it's a much edgier performance of the song. Nichola has a really good voice, it's a nice rendition of the song and she has a lot of potential. I'm not crazy about the Americanized twang to her voice but she shows that she has a lot of talent with this performance. I'm intrigued to hear more from Nichola, she's a good singer.

Russell Hogg - 1/4 - 'Devil In The Girl' (Original Song) - Joins Team Bressoe
Russell is performing his own song for the blind audition, it's a really good track actually and he has a fantastic voice. I love the rasp to his voice, he has a great rock voice with a killer tone, there's a little bit of a bluesy feel to it but I can also just imagine him absolutely tearing through a killer rock song. Russell's potential is huge, I can't wait to see what else he can do, he's another very strong talent joining Team Bressie.

Ellie-May Bopp - 2/4 - 'My Favourite Game' by The Cardigans - Joins Team Rachel
RTE 2FM wildcard Ellie-May Bopp is hoping to continue the streak of success for the wildcards with this rendition of a Cardigans' classic. I love her tone, she has quite a rich tone which works absolutely brilliantly on this song, another very intriguing quirky girl to add to the list of strong artists we've seen so far this series. Ellie-May reminds me a little of Shannon from Series 2, she has a strong, distinctive tone. Really excited to see what Rachel can do with Ellie-May, really strong song choice combined with a great tone.

Chloe Donnelan - No Turn - 'Dog Days Are Over' by Florence And The Machines
I think Chloe picked the wrong song choice, Florence has such a natural, effortless voice and it's almost impossible to measure up to her, unfortunately although Chloe has a good voice, it doesn't feel as effortless, in fact I almost feel like she's trying too hard to sing this. It feels over-anunciated and the emotion doesn't really feel natural. Chloe has something but it just doesn't really hit me with this song and I can see why Chloe doesn't get through. 

Sonia Traynor - No Turn - 'Everytime' by Britney Spears 
Sonia picks a really tough song to sing for her blind audition, this track is extremely hard to perform, if your vocals aren't perfect it will show as they're so exposed. As a result, although Sonia has a really nice voice, her voice doesn't translate effortlessly into the song, it sounds a little flat at times even if her higher range is pretty strong. I think if she had picked a different song, Sonia may have had a better chance of getting through but with the standard being so high, it was always going to be tough. 

Karla Chubb - 1/4 - 'Videogames' by Lana Del Rey
Karla Chubb is next to take the stage, she's taking on this pretty well known Lana Del Rey track. It's quite a slow song, probably not the most interesting song choice but Karla does have a pretty good job in fairness. There's not a 'wow' moment within the song as such so I'm not totally bowled over by Karla's performance. She can definitely sing but I'm not so sure that she has star quality, she seems very nervous which probably affects her performance, interested to see what Kian does with her in the Battle Rounds.

Mike Staunton - No Turn - 'Let's Stay Together' by Al Green
Mike has a pretty great voice, he sings this pretty well, I do like his soulful tone but you can definitely detect the nerves in his voice. Although vocally it's a good performance, he holds back quite a bit and doesn't really give the performance his all. I liked his voice but Mike's nerves were definitely what held him back during the performance.

Rachel Murphy - 2/4 - 'Chandelier' by Sia - Joins Team Una
Rachel's auditioning today despite having quite a sore throat, she's been at the doctor who has prescribed her antibiotics. Combine that with the song choice and it's nothing short of amazing that she manages to sing this as well as she did. This song is so tough to sing, there are so many high notes yet she actually does a really great job of it. If this is what Rachel can do with a sore throat, she has massive potential.

Adam Cummins - 3/4 - 'Last Request' by Paolo Nutini - Joins Team Kian
A very impressive audition from Adam, I like his tone even if he does sound quite similar to the original artist. That said, who's complaining about somebody sounding like Paolo Nutini whose voice is incredible? Adam has a very intense stage style and really loses himself in the performance. I think he could be a very interesting performer although I'm worried about him being on Team Kian as Kian generally isn't great with acts with a distinctive style.

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