Final blind auditions show of the series and the coaches are now filling up the last few places on their teams. To be honest, if you ask me they have two many places to fill as the more the show has went on, the more I've felt that some acts have gotten through as filler rather than because they were really strong. With not many spaces left, who will convince the coaches to turn tonight?

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Evan Cotter - 1/4 - 'St Brendan's Voyage' by Christy Moore - Joins Team Una
Evan isn't a big fan of modern music and prefers this style of music which is why he has went for The Voice which is more open to other styles of music. He has a pretty nice voice but he's not exactly going to set the charts alight is he? This style definitely still has a following but it's a very distinct following and it doesn't really suggest that he would have a massive fanbase if he were to win. The show is yet to find someone who is capable of selling a load of records or finding success outside of Ireland and with his style, I fail to see Evan being one to combat that. Nice voice though, just not my style.

Doireann Learmont - No Turn - 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters And Men 
This is a tough one, I should have loved this as I love this song but Doireann's voice didn't have the quirky charm that I'm used to hearing with these sorts of songs. It was also weird because this song is usually sung as a duet and it did sound quite strange her singing it on her own. With a song like this as well, cutting it down into 90 seconds or so doesn't really allow it to shine so she didn't have any wow moments, the song sort of just went on and then finished. It's a shame but I don't think she showed the best of her voice with the song choice.

John Bonham - 4/4 - 'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin - Joins Team Kian
Holy crap this guy is great, he has an absolutely insane voice, it's not often proper rock singers audition for The Voice as they probably see it as a little bit too tame for them but John has a superb range and a hell of a falsetto. I'm not surprised that everybody turned, despite the weak backing by the band, John's voice sounded superb on this song, I'm slightly concerned that he chose Kian because Kian has made an awful lot of blunders with rock singers in the past but maybe he'll surprise us with John?

Rebecca Kelly - 1/4 - 'Don't Know Why' by Norah Jones - Joins Team Kian
Rebecca only has 3% vision so being on The Voice is even more difficult for her as she won't be able to see if any of the coaches have turned. She has a very nice voice, this is a slow, bluesy song and she gives a good rendition of the song. It's not my favourite blind audition this series, it's a little safe but I definitely see some good potential there and can understand why Kian decided to turn around for her.

Sean McGrath -  No Turn - 'Amnesia' by 5 Seconds Of Summer 
Unfortunately Sean's nerves totally take over this performance and it's extremely pitchy. There are glimpses of his voice and he does appear to have a nice tone but unfortunately the pitch is everywhere and his tuning is just way off. This song needs either a load of emotion or just absolutely perfect vocals and he delivers neither sadly. It was obvious that he was really nervous but sadly it was just way too pitchy for any of the coaches to even consider turning.

Hannah Stockwell-Quinn - 4/4 - 'To Be With You' by Mr. Big - Joins Team Bressie
Hannah is absolutely amazing, this is a completely flawless audition, love the song choice and absolutely love her delivery of the song. She has a really bluesy and effortless voice and just sings the song perfectly. I have a feeling Hannah could be a big contender, she's certainly the standout of the final blind auditions and with Bressie as her coach, there could be some very interesting performances to come, as long as he doesn't give her something horribly left field that just doesn't suit her.

Fionn Gardner - 3/4 - 'High Hopes' by Kodaline - Joins Team Kian
I wasn't expecting much when I heard that he was singing this song as I've heard it being sung a lot by now but wow Fionn took me by surprise. This was outstanding, it was a very simple, back to basics, faithful cover of the original but he absolutely nailed it. The emotion was on point, it was delivered with sincerity and he nailed all the falsetto parts of the song, I loved all the little inflections in his voice, Fionn is another really strong contender, his voice has the potential to be as good as the likes of Steve Garrigan, I could imagine him fronting a Kodaline/Two Door Cinema Club esque

*Team Kian is full*

Chloe Wilders - 1/4 - 'I Won't Give Up' by Jason Mraz - Joins Team Bressie
I love how I was going on about how the coaches shouldn't have so many spaces in their teams and then three acts come along in a row and prove to me how high the standard is towards the end. Chloe does an absolutely awesome job of this song, there's a bit of a country twang to her voice but there's also a lot of power, she absolutely nails the key parts of the song, I actually feel like she has a bit of a Miley Cyrus feel to her voice, I could definitely picture her performing 'Adore You' or another of Miley's stripped back songs. Chloe is the last act to join Team Bressie, which is looking like a really strong team for definite.

*Team Bressie is full*

Paul Taylor - 1/4 - 'This Year's Love' by David Gray - Joins Team Rachel
Paul has had a tough time in the past year or so and hopes that The Voice will give him a chance to have a fresh start. You can tell by listening to him that he has been doing this for a long time, he just has such a rich, raspy tone and delivers the emotion of the song with ease. I'm really glad someone gave him a chance as he absolutely nailed the emotion of the track and I think he could be The Voice Ireland's equivalent of Sally Barker who made the final of the UK series last year. Shows that it's never too late to enter The Voice.

*Team Rachel is full*

Sionan Murphy - No Turn - 'Black Roses' by Claire Bowen 
I really don't know what more Una was expecting? As Kian said, it's going to be hard for either of the last two to be much better than that? Loved the song choice and thought Sionan did a great job with it, it's shameful that Una didn't turn, she was better than some of the acts already in her team but unfortunately auditioned at the later stages where she was relying on just one coach to turn around. I hope for Una's sake that she doesn't end up regretting that.

Mark Joyce - 1/4 - 'Last Request' by Paolo Nutini - Joins Team Una
I'm really not getting where Una's coming from tonight because I thought the singer before this guy was much better. Mark has potential but oversings this song quite a bit, add to that, for me he sounds identical to quite a few of the male vocalists already through to the battles and I'm not exactly sure why Una decided to go for this guy over Sionan. What does this mean for the last auditionee then?

  *Team Una is full*

Chloe Murphy - No Turn - 'Warwick Avenue' by Duffy
The editing tonight has confused me so much, she appears to be the last auditionee of the night so did she audition after Una had already filled her table? Therefore was it not grossly unfair of them to allow her to audition knowing that all of the coaches already had full times? Or were the coaches allowed to turn and have a three-way battle if they really wanted? I'm not sure, the editing is really confusing but I thought Chloe was pretty good and it's a shame that she didn't get through.

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