Okay so I'm really running out of things to say to introduce these recaps but it's the sixth week of some average singers and some really quite good singers singing some songs in front of famous people in spinny chairs and the teams are filling up fairly well but look below to see some singers singing and some famous people turning more chairs.

Recap, videos and famous people turning chairs after the JUMP...

Mary Porter - No Turn - 'Sexy And I Know It' by LMFAO 
I'm kinda bored of this arrangement of the song even though it's a million percent better than the original song. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, this is the Noah arrangement of the song which has been performed on pretty much every Voice series by now, and was also performed on The X Factor UK by James Arthur. Vocally, Mary has a decent voice but it's a little bit pitchy at times and I think her voice lacks that little bluesiness that a cover like this demands. She's really talented but I don't know that this song was necessarily the right choice, all the same a pretty good performance.

Kathleen Mahon - 2/4 - 'Folsom Prison Blues' by Johnny Cash - Joins Team Kian
Kathleen is taking on one of my favourite songs so no pressure there. I have to say I actually really like her voice on the song, I'm used to hearing males singing it with a little bit of grit but Kathleen has a great bluesy tone. Her voice soars on the song, the arrangement isn't great but her tone really carries it and she has one of the most distinctive female vocals I think we've heard this series. There's a bit of a Fiona Apple likeness in her voice and style but there's also something very fresh about the way she performed the song. Kathleen's one to keep an eye on for sure.

Catherine Hughes - 4/4 - 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons - Joins Team Bressie
Catherine is one of two Series 3 returnees (more on the other one later). She is also one of only two people to have made the Battle Rounds in her series but have been unable to participate in her battle round. In Catherine's case, heavily pregnant, she went into labour before she had the chance to perform her battle against Laura-May Lenehan who was automatically put through to the live shows. Her opponent actually went on to finish in a very respectable 3rd place, so who knows what may have happened if Catherine had participated in the battle. This is very different to her first blind audition but I love the change, she still has a very soft understated style but this is more folksy whereas her Series 3 audition felt much more country. This is absolutely stunning, incredible song choice and her voice just soars over the very soft, understated arrangement of the song. This is probably up there with my favourite blind auditions this series, possibly one of my favourite blind auditions of this franchise. Catherine is a serious contender.

Ciara Monaghan - 1/4 - 'From Eden' by Hozier - Joins Team Bressie
2FM wildcard Ciara actually divided opinion amongst the 2FM judges but thanks to one of the presenters feeling very strongly in favour of her, Ciara got a shot at turning the chairs around. Her voice is rough around the edge but I love her tone, she has such a deep, raspy female vocal, sort of reminiscent of Becky Hill a little but with a real Irish folksy feel to it. I love this song and the fact that she totally loses herself in it and I'm kinda surprised more coaches didn't turn. Ciara has such a great voice, she definitely needs work on shaping up technique but she has such a clear, unique tone and she's totally different to everyone else we've seen so far. The other coaches could be kicking themselves.

Graham John - No Turn - 'Chocolate' by Snow Patrol 
Graham certainly has a very distinctive, unique tone but I'm not sure how much I love it, it sounds very nasally on this song. It's not the best performance, whether it's the sound of his voice or he's nervous, most of the song sounds a little flat. Unfortunately, with the standard being relatively high tonight, I just don't think Graham was strong enough.

Kieran McKillop - 2/4 'I Want It That Way' by The Backstreet Boys - Joins Team Una
Kieran's song choice is a classic but I find his voice a little plain for my liking. I sort of prefer someone who can put their own stamp on a song and really own it and unfortunately I just don't feel that Kieran's rendition of the song particularly stands out from any other covers I have heard of that song. Particularly towards the end, his voice sounded a little flat and I was left slightly disappointed with the performance overall.

Caoin Fitz - 2/4 - 'Budapest' by George Ezra - Joins Team Rachel
You might recognize Caoin from last year as he made the Battle Rounds on Team Bressie where he was unfortunately dumped in favour of Kedar Friis-Lawrence. He's back for a second go, it will be interesting to see if Bressie turns for him again and/or recognizes him. This is a much nervier performance than the two songs he did last year and unfortunately I'm not quite as taken with this performance as I was expecting to be. His tone is nice but his voice is a little pitchy and he's quite difficult to hear at times. Nevertheless, he gets two turns out of it.

Precious Okpaje - No Turn - 'Lost' by Coldplay
I can't make sense of why nobody picked Precious, this performance was a lot better than some of the performances we have seen tonight that some of the coaches have turned for. It's great to hear a soulful cover of this song and he has one of the nicest tones I have heard this series. I really cannot understand why none of them picked him, he was a really strong singer with a great tone and although the song perhaps didn't get really go anywhere, I'm disappointed Precious isn't through.

Jayde Stanley - No Turn - 'Me And My Broken Heart' by Rixton 
Seriously what is going on with the coaches tonight? Another really strong performance and a really strong singer not getting through, I loved Jayde's light, clear tone. She had great control of her voice and seemed aware of all the little runs and tricks in the song. I absolutely loved her performance of the song, it really doesn't make sense that she didn't get through after that performance. I'm not sure what's holding them back.

Ken Murphy - 2/4 - 'Kiss' by Prince - Joins Team Bressie
I'm fully convinced that someone has spiked the coaches' drinks now. After two very talented singers were rejected, Ken comes on and performs this song, largely out of tune and gets through, right? He's definitely a fun act with a lot of energy but if they're going to nitpick at acts who sang in tune, why did Bressie and Kian then turn for Ken, especially as the last part of the song more or less just consisted of him screaming. Technically, Rachel turned too but not out of free will, Bressie pressed her button. It's disappointing to see two very talented singers were rejected bearing in mind the performance we just saw.

Cristin Nolan -  1/4 - 'Telescope' by Hayden Panettiere - Joins Team Rachel
Cristin's country tone is very impressive, I'm not a massive country fan normally but I do quite like her tone. There are definitely parts of the song where she sounds off key but I quite enjoyed it on the whole. Cristin is automatically in Team Rachel which is looking to be a very versatile team, will be interesting to see how she fares in the battle rounds.

Annie Powderley - No Turn - 'It's Good To Be Alive' by Imelda May 
Imelda May has an amazing rockabilly/blues feel to her songs and has so much natural energy, unfortunately Annie doesn't have the ability to recapture that sort of energy and I find the performance a little lackluster. She has a decent voice but I'm not totally sure about how well it fits this song, she would perhaps have been better with something slower as it's the pacing that feels out of sync a little, Annie unfortunately doesn't make it through to the battle rounds.

Gemma Lomax - 1/4 - 'Ugly Heart' by G.R.L - Joins Team Rachel
Originally from England, Gemma worked on a cruise ship as an entertainer for a few years before settling over in Ireland with her boyfriend who is from here. She has a pretty strong voice, this is a great song but quite a vocally demanding one, especially those high notes and she really does do them justice. Bar a few bum notes in the middle of the performance, Gemma gives a fairly pitch perfect rendition of this song. It was a really good performance, not surprised Gemma made it through.

Shauna Nolan - 3/4 - 'Love On Top/I Want You Back' by Beyoncé/The Jackson 5 - Joins Team Una
A very brave song choice this, one of these songs alone is tough but mashing them up with each other adds to the difficulty. I love the slow, bluesy feel to the initial song, stripping it back and placing the emphasis on her tone was the right move but the transition into the second song is a little...messy. It's not bad by any means but it definitely doesn't sound as smooth and slick as the first song. With the change in pace, her vocals also sound shakier, I enjoy the creativity of the mash-up and her vocals were for the most part good though.

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