Last week saw Denise Morgan swap The Voice UK for The Voice of Ireland by joining Team Bressie. As we approach the third set of blind auditions, the coaches will be going all out to find the best talent for their teams. Who will shine and who will fall short?

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Pat Fitz - 1/4 - 'Higher and Higher' by Jackie Wilson - Joins Team Una
Pat is no stranger to talent shows, he was in You're A Star a few years ago (basically the Irish version of Pop Idol) but that's quite a while ago and he wants to give the talent show circuit another crack of the whip by auditioning for The Voice. He has a really good voice in fairness, I'm not a massive fan of the song choice, it's a little cheesy but he hits every note and his falsetto is flawless when the song shifts into a higher register. It looks like nobody is going to turn until Una turns towards the end of the song. Pat has a lot of talent, with good song choices, he's definitely a strong contender.

Ryan Hegarty - No Turn - 'Fisherman's Blues' by The Waterboys 
I'm kinda surprised nobody turned for Ryan, I thought he had a very good voice and I liked this song choice a lot, it wasn't your standard run of the mill song choice and showed off his tone nicely. The only thing I can think of is that they maybe thought his rendition was too similar to the original, he had a fantastic voice though and I think he could have been a favourite of mine, there was something very Damien Rice/Glen Hansard about his voice. A shame but the standard seems higher than it has ever been before.

Aoife Smith - 1/4 - 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers - Joins Team Bressie
The standard of today's show is so high, I absolutely love Aoife's voice and it's nice to see her doing something different with the song. I'm not usually massively keen on slowed down acoustic covers of songs but her bluesy voice is so smooth and makes me fall in love with this rendition of the song. There's definitely a Norah Jones esque velvety quality to her voice, I'm really glad Bressie turned for her. I think Aoife has a lot of potential and I'm interested to see how she will fare in the battle rounds, definitely one of the most unique and interesting artists so far.

Tara Gannon - 1/4 - 'Let's Stay Together' by Al Green - Joins Team Rachel
Tara has a very impressive tone, I like the husky feel to her voice, there's a bit of an old school soulful feel to her voice, there's a little bit of a Tina Turner resemblance vocally there. She sings with a lot of power, unfortunately nerves mean that there are a few bum notes here and there but it's not a bad performance at all and she has some serious potential for sure. She reminds me a bit of one of the contestants from a few years ago, Niamh Armstrong who had a similar, albeit slightly softer soul voice. 

Nicole Campbell - No Turn - 'All The Man That I Need' by Whitney Houston 
Again, another very talented singer being rejected, the standard has most definitely stepped up this series, particularly this show. There's very little I can pick up on bar her nerves kicking in towards the end of the song (probably her really wanting to get through) and her voice cracking a little but it's testament to her talent that she was able to sing a song as difficult as a Whitney track so well. Tough luck, maybe she can try again next year.

Kenneth Usher - 3/4 - 'Autumn' by Paolo Nutini - Joins Team Bressie
I absolutely love this song, and Kenneth has a really good voice, I love his tone, it's quite bluesy, not dissimilar to Paolo Nutini's voice actually but with a bit of a Glen Hansard sort of feel to it. He's very nervous, you can tell that as his voice sort of warbles a little bit but I have a feeling that he could go far in this competition. Bressie's the best choice for him, he has proven adept at mentoring artists of this kind of style whereas Kian has largely flopped with quirky male vocalists and we haven't seen the girls in action yet. Well this episode really is producing some great talent, isn't it?

Leanne Power - 1/4 - 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry - Joins Team Rachel
The latest of the 2FM wildcards is Leanne Power who wildcard pannelist Ruth Scott passionately speaks about saying if she was in one of the chairs, she would get whiplash she would turn that quickly, I really like Leanne's voice and how she manages to perform the song, it's a great performance. I would have loved it if she had hit the high notes when it started into that part of the song. All the same, I'm really glad Leanne makes it through to the Battle Rounds.

Orly Dentos - No Turn - 'Smooth' by Santana feat. Rob Thomas
Filipino Orly has the moves but his voice unfortunately wasn't just as strong as what we have seen so far. His style was maybe a little too karaoke for the show, the song choice probably didn't help matters, nobody turned and to be honest I had to agree with them, I'm just not sure that he's strong enough for the show.

Kayleigh Cullinan - 4/4 - 'How Will I Know' by Whitney Houston - Joins Team Una
19-year-old Kayleigh has had a tough couple of years, she was bullied when she was younger which became so serious that she was savagely attacked leaving her with almost no sight in her right eye. She has a connection to one of the coaches, her mother used to drive Bressie's tour bus and he kept checking up on her after hearing of the attack. She's singing the Sam Smith arrangement of this Whitney classic and nailing it. Kayleigh has a really great voice and has a really captivating stage presence. It's no shock that the whole panel turns around for her but I am surprised that she doesn't pick Bressie after revealing the connection between them. All the same, Team Una it is.

Danny Fitzpatrick - No Turn - 'Sky Full Of Stars' by Coldplay 
It's a tough crowd for Danny as his rendition of Coldplay track 'Sky Full Of Stars' fails to win over any of the coaches. He has a good voice but the performance didn't really register with me, it felt a little anti-climactic, there was no real moment within the song and I think nerves sort of affected his performance. If we hadn't already seen so many strong male singers, I think one of the coaches may well have turned.

Jo Petit - 2/4 - 'Georgia On My Mind' by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell - Joins Team Kian
Jo manages to get two of the coaches on side with his rendition of 'Georgia On My Mind'. He has an impressive soulful voice, definitely some serious talent there. Not my favourite audition to date, there were certainly some shaky notes but I really like Jo's tone, he could most definitely be a contender in the Battle Rounds as I have a feeling that he has quite a lot of experience under his belt.

Fabia Marsella - No Turn - 'The One That Got Away' by Katy Perry
Fabia unfortunately fails to get the judges turning with her rendition of this Katy Perry track. I think she has a fairly good voice and she sang the song well but it didn't lend itself to being cut to 90 seconds long, in fact she seemed to cut out parts of the song rather randomly and that's what made me a little bit unsure. I do think she had the talent but the song choice just didn't really do her any favours.

Stuart Bond - 3/4 - 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone - Joins Team Kian
Stuart has a good voice, I'm a bit bored of hearing this song being sung on talent shows but he does give a very impressive rendition of it. I can't fault his voice but it's not the most captivating performance of the night nor I don't think his voice is quite as unique as some of the other artists we heard tonight. That being said, Stuart is definitely talented and I'm interested to see how he fares in the Battle Rounds. He joins Kian's team.

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