It seems that dealing with fame is a bit too much for british sensation Susan Boyle. Apparently she stunned passengers in a VIP lounge at London's Heathrow Airport after she started shouting swear words and singing into a mop, The Sun reported Friday. The singer suddenly grabbed the mop from a cleaner and began to treat it as a makeshift microphone as she suffered another public meltdown on Tuesday. During her performance, which sparked complaints to British Airways (BA) staff, she also used the mop to polish passengers' shoes. Airline employees tried to calm her down only for Boyle, to flee the Terminal 5 lounge, yelling, "I've escaped, I've escaped!" A source said: "It was chaos. Susan was very restless and agitated from the minute she walked in and immediately started making a scene. She was singing and dancing around, shouting obscenities at full volume." Her rampage was finally ended by a BA official, who sat with the Scottish spinster until she boarded her flight to Chicago. British Airways confirmed, "A customer in the BA lounge on Tuesday was asked to temper their behavior as it was becoming disruptive." She was flying to the U.S. to be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. Was this incident a crisis or was she only showing her personality?

Susan on Oprah:
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