Lisa Ekdahl seems to be an inoccent 20 year old girl. In fact, you will swear she is in her twenties unless you know she was actually born in July 29, 1971 in Mariefred, Sweden. Yes, she is 38!. In 1990, she started singing jazz with the trio of pianist Peter Nordahl. The swedish singer has so far published 10 albums, most of them in the Swedish language but some entirely in English. Her debut album, the eponymous Lisa Ekdahl, was released in 1994 and she has been recording since then. Lisa's latest album, "Give That Slow Knowing Smile", was released on March 24, 2009.

While her Swedish albums are considered to be pop, her english albums are jazz. She is best known probably for her single "Vem Vet" (which is Swedish for "Who Knows") who made her a superstar in Scandinavia at the age of 23. The singer's first English album, "When Did You Leave Heaven", was also her first jazz album and the first Ekdahl album to come out in the U.S. "When Did You Leave Heaven" was a big seller in Sweden, but the album (which came out on RCA Victor in the U.S.) received its share of negative reviews from American jazz critics, who felt that Ekdahl's thin, very girlish voice was wrong for standards and straightahead jazz and argued that she should stick to pop. What were they thinking? Although Lisa's voice may be considered too thin, she has TALENT, Lisa is an amazing singer, who cares if her voice doesen't fits "STANDARS".

Selected Discography


Lisa's debut album released in 1994. The album lifted Lisa to stardom and she became a well known singer in Scandinavian countrys. Ekdahl became famous overnight in Sweden with the #1 hit single "Vem Vet (Who Knows)". The record sold almost 800,000 copies and she was awarded three Swedish music prizes, one of them as the nation's best artist of the year. She repeated the success in Denmark and Norway as well.

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Vem Vet

She was signed with EMI Records, but later recorded two pop albums with RCA/BMG: "Med Kroppen Mot Jorden" and "Bortom Det Blå" in 1996 and 97.



Lisa Ekdahl's sixth album, "Lisa Ekdahl sings Salvadore Poe" released in 2000, signaled a new direction and critical esteem. As the new album's title indicates, Ekdahl exclusively sings songs written by her husband, primarily in the bossa nova style. Their album was a smash in France and Scandinavia, where it sold over 120,000 copies by early 2001.


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Color of You
In this album Lisa sang songs exclusively written by her husband. The album is considered to be bossa nova.


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Rivers Of Love
A song that had appered first in the previous album, the uptempo song opens with a naive laught by Lisa, which is the beginning of a rythmical song.




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Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

The song that gives name to the album. I consider it a masterpiece, from the soft whistles to the excelent vocals, it's one of  Lisa's best songs.

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