A new season of Idol is finally upon us. Well, it's been for a few months but, who's counting anyway? The field is already whittled down to 24 contestants, who will be performing in two groups, boys and girls, and next week, 8 people will be packing their bags. Aaron will be writing this recaps, at least until he gets bored and I've to do them myself. Haha.

Recap and videos after the jump ...

Lovey James - "Love Runs Out" by OneRupublic - 7/10
Lovey has been one of my favourites since her audition and Hollywood, especially 'All About That Bass'. This is another strong performance from her, although not my favourite. It's still pretty strong though. The judges seem to love it too, saying it was a good start. I hope she makes it through.

Adanna Duru - "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit and Jesse Glynne - 7/10
I actually really like this. The start was the best she sounded in the competition. When it kicked up, I agree with Harry, it did become slightly out of control. Still a great performance. This is the first I actually liked from hers. I wouldn't be surprised if she makes it through, but I do worry she might not.

Alexis Gomez - "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert - 6/10
Her first solid performance in a while. The vocals were great, and the performance was overall good, but she does tend to bore me a bit. She kind of does the same thing all the time, which was the reason why I found this a tad boring. She might get through, but I don't see it.

Joey Cook - "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban - 7.5/10
Ugh, how corny is it singing one of the judges songs? But this is pretty interesting, in a good way. I'm actually kind of liking it. She took the country twang out of it and made it kind of quirky. She has her squeeze box with her again. She gets a standing ovation from Keith. I see her getting through.

Katherine Winston - "Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift - 8/10
I love her. Usually singers like her bore me but there's something that attracts me to her. She's one of my favourites. This song suits her to a tea and pulls another consistent performance. The judges liked it, and I really hope she makes it.

Shannon Berthiaume - "Who Knew" by P!nk - 3/10
I'm not really liking this to be honest. After her 'Piece Of My Heart' performance from the house of blues round, I was a fan. But this changed my opinion. It was really flat if I'm honest, although I do like her tone. I really don't see her making it now.

Loren Lott - "Note To God" by Jo Jo - 5/10
She's one of my least favourites to be honest. I don't know what it is but her voice just sounds too nasally and fake. This was a tad boring as well. I did like her some way in the past, especially 'Skyfall'. I'm losing interest in her. I don't really see her going through, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

Shi Scott - "Umbrella" by Rihanna - 3/10
I don't understand why she made it over some of the other girls. She's trying a bit too hard. I don't really like this, its a bit to forced and I find her too confident, on the verge of cocky. The judges seem to like her. I don't see her making it at all really but she could surprise us.

Maddie Walker - "Love Gets Me Every Time" by Shania Twain - 7/10
I was really annoyed when she was sent home, so I was over the moon when they actually reconsidered their decision. I love a bit of country, so I really love this. There always seem to be a huge vote for country singers every year so I hope she gets that vote. This was one of her best, just under her cover in Hollywood. I really hope she'll make it.

Sarina Join Crowe - "Mamma Knows Best" by Jessie J - 9/10
I love this. Sarina was one of my favourites since the auditions and I was annoyed that she got very little airtime during Hollywood. This performance just matched her other Jessie J cover from the house of blues. The judges love it. She is definitely one of the best in the competition. She'll get through, 100%. I'm confident about it.

Jax - "Bang Bang" by Cher - 8.5/10
Jax is definitely my favourite in the competition. She is pretty consistent every time. This is no exception. The song suits her to bits. I love her quirky voice, which makes her performance's just that little bit interesting. The judges seem pretty sure she'll be here next week and I definitely agree. She needs to make it far, she has to.

Tyanna Jones - "Lips Are Moving" by Meghan Trainor - 8.5/10
She's been one of the judges favourites, and mine for that matter. This was a very entertaining performance from Tyanna. The vocals were great too, and the judges say she's insanely talented. She topped all her performance's there. She'll have no trouble making it through.


1 - Sarina Joi Crowe - 9
2 - JAX - 8.5
2 - Tyanna Jones - 8.5
4 - Katherine Winston - 8
5 - Joey Cook - 7.5
6 - Lovey James - 7
6 - Adanna Duru - 7
6 - Maddie Walker - 7
9 - Alexis Gomez - 6
10 - Loren Lott - 5
11 - Shannon Berthiaume - 3
11 - Shi Scott - 3

Want to go home : Shi, Shannon, Loren, Alexis

Think will go home : Shi, Shannon, Loren, Alexis
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